After having tough competition for two months finally Piyush did a hat-trick by getting one more ticket :D . He recently got a new Honda Accord V6 ..While he was testing how fast can his car go on 101 , Mr Cop appearred on the scene and said ” Long time man ..Where have you been ? :P ” ..Piyush
said ” Ntg man , I was missing you and was missing getting a ticket”.Cop said ” Dun worry, here I m and here is your ticket ” ..
Actually Piyush was so passionate about getting a ticket that instead of seeing the following
speed limit

He read it as Continue reading

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It was June 29th. I had booked my tickets for Seattle for the long weekend. I had taken a day off on June 30th so I had total 5 holidays. I was pretty excited about my trip . I was supposed to go to Canada from Seattle after getting visa from Seattle. I have couple of friends in Seattle so was planning to meet them too. On June 29th I spent quite some time in preparing visa documents, getting that stupid special picture for canada consulate.

My flight was at 9:45pm. I was ready with everything by 6:30 pm . My roomie dropped me at the airport at 8:55 pm. It was little late knowing there will be rush due to long weekend. I just rushed in towards the self check-in machine. That machine was not ready to accept my credit card though I was getting late for my flight :( . Anyways instead of wasting more time on that machine, I decided to go directly to Alaska Airlines represenatative.

To my surprise…. Continue reading

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Last year one of my friends forwarded me the video of “The Blowers Daughter” by Damien Rice. I really liked the song and listened to it lotta times. Then I again like his songs in the movie “Good company (Cannonball) “…Awesome songs…

We all wanted to attend his concert but all tickets were sold out last week itself. Thankfully one of my frnds arranged couple of tickets from Continue reading

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Modern web designing

After talking to few ppl at work it was like Continue reading

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For last 3-4 weeks someone or the other is getting a ticket in our group.Till now Mr Piyush is leading big time and Sweta is the first runner up..This weekend it was my turn :( ….On friday it was 11:57 and we wanted to get a dvd from blockbuster. We had 3 minutes and 2 miles to cover to get to blockbuster …One of my frnds was driving the car …at 11:59 we saw some flashing lights in the rear mirror..Guess Wat !!! Mr Cop was following us and wanted to us to stop …..We pulled over the car and the first thing that came to mind was to check if we had our seat belts on ..THANKS to Piyush with everyone’s wishes got a speeding ticket :( ….

I was telling about the ticket incident to Ajit on Saturday and he was like “Wish it was were you, who was driving the car ” … Looks like God heard his wish. On Saturday night at 10:10pm ,I was driving on 101 South.. Again I saw those scary flashing light :( ….I have a very bad habit of not looking in the rear mirror…After seeing those scary lights, I pulled over. I again checked if my seat belt was on ..THANKS to Piyush again…..I was more sacred of getting a ticket because of the teasing by my gang than the moeny I had to pay….I was thinking of all the jokes these guys will be making if I get ticket..Mr cop comes near by car…I was curious to know why mr cop has stopped me…My heart was beating fast …..I rolled down the window and I heard him saying “Heyy how u doing …” .I was like ” gooood..” …He then said ” Can you please turn on your headlights?” ..I was like “Sure….sorry bout that”..He then left without saying anything else…I was sooooooooo relaxed…..I was going to Ajit’s place that time …..When I told him anf his roomie about the incident , Ajit was like “Damn you shud have got the ticket ….”.. Continue reading

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Till now Mr Piyush was following the trend of getting one ticket per week… People were little disappointed when the trend was broken the last weekend when he was actually supposed to make the hat-trick :(

We tried really hard to help him get atleast one ticket but alas no success …Piyush has been constantly progressing.. First time he got the seat belt ticket on the back seat ..The week after that he got the ticket while he was on the passenger seat…..So now he needs to be on the driver’s seat to get his next ticket…

Neither Piyush and nor his frnds have given up ..we have full faith in him …If not this week , he ll definitely achieve his goal next week ….

Following videos will encourage him more and he ll realize that its not at all difficult to get a ticket :D

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I used to find it very painful to fold any shirt/t-shirt ….

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Well It was long since I played a prank. Also Abu(my colleague) was due for a prank.He just joined 1 month back and didnt know much about the policies in our company …Last friday thought of playing a prank on him. I just wanted to have him ph interview a fake person, who can give him a tough time… I started making the base by telling him that he ll need to interview someone and I would pass him the resume of the person. I also asked him as to what kind of questions he would ask and he was like ” I dont ask technical questions, I mainly look for the aptitude of the candidate.” . I was like “ok …lets see” …

Last Friday I asked Ajit(another colleague) , if he knows someone who can be that ph interview candidate.. He was like ” what ph interview?? ..Lets have onsite interview :p” …I was like “wow ..:D” …It was 5:30 pm on Friday ..We decided to do it on Friday itself …We had very less time since interview was supposed to be at 6pm …Abu has already lost faith in me coz of my other pranks , so I couldn’t ask him for the interview …

We decided to ask a senior person to ask Abu for the interview on the pretext that he had some emergency.

At 5:35 pm
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I love to observe things around me and analyze them. Also got to read a nice book on management last week.. From my observations and those readings , I got to learn few things about managing ppl which was pretty interesting.

Every workplace, big or small involves managing ppl and finally getting work done from them…So as some ppl say ” ppl are the most imp resource of an organization” …More judiciously you use this resource , better are the chances of success of the organization . Every manager has the responsiblity of managing ppl under him and getting work done from them …

Finally you have to the get the work done. Thing that really matters is how you get the work done !!

Consider a manager getting the work done without even thinking whether ppl working under him are happy or not. I think in the short run it will work fine. But it has been proved that if that happens for long , ppl (who are not happy with their work) subconciuosly withdraw from giving their best. Day after day , their productivity is getting converted into frustation. Its possible at some points, there is need in the group to get some kinda work from an employee which he/she doesnt enjoy at all. In that case , it would be much better if manager lets the employee know that he/she really appreciates employee’s efforts of doing the work which employee doesnt really enjoy. If the manager constantly shows his thankfulness to the employee and make some efforts that employee doesnt have to work on the stuff he/she doesnt like for long, I am sure employee will try to give his/her best. At the end of the day if the ppl are not happy , things cant scale. With ppl unhappy, one project can be done on time , second can be done on time BUT not the third one. I agree that it needs lotsa efforts to keep all the employee working under you happy. It involves , understanding them first, knowing what they like and what they are best at. Its kinda investment which is definitely needed for long term results. Continue reading

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Some time back I learnt a very nice theory.. If you realy think about it , it will make lottsa sense

This is how it goes …(excerpted from Habit 1: Be Proactive, in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey)

We each have a wide range of concerns – our health, our family, problems at work etc., and it is these things that make up our ‘Circle of Concern’. As we look at the things within our Circle of Concern, it becomes apparent that there are some things over which we have no real control and others that we can do something about. We can group the things we can do something about within a ‘Circle of Influence’. The two circles are shown below:

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