These days almost eveybody is using one or the other social networking sites like Orkut, Myspace, Facebook. I use orkut extensively. I use social networking site for social networking, to keep in touch with friends , for fun. How the information you put up on your proflle is used by employers, school administration is interesting. Following is a pretty neat article regarding the same

Should you go offline ???
How the Web Could Kill Your Next Job Interview

After reading the above articles, you Continue reading

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Here is an excellent list of best value travel sites. Now that holiday season is approaching, it might be pretty useful. Continue reading

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If you start reading blogs, you will see one blog talking about another blog, second blog talking about the third one and so on . So there will never be shortage of content to blog on because people can blog on each others blog :) . I also observed one such interesting example


Paul’s post blogs on Continue reading

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Yes, It looks like a fake ad but personally I am a great fan of ubuntu. If I Continue reading

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I have seen so many ppl saying ” I make my own destiny” , ” If you cant predict future, invent future” . These quotes look so impressive but is it true ? Can you really make your destiny ? Infact can you even change your destiny ? . I often wonder if there is something called destiny and can we control/change it as per our needs and answer I get back from myself is “NO” . I might be wrong and yes it depends on one’s perspective too.

I dont believe in the following

* Just sit idle and expect to get something great because its in your destiny
* Leave your house unlocked, nobody would steal anything because its not destined to happen
* Jump from a moutain and you wont get hurt because its not destined to happen
* Dont study for your entrance exam and you will clear it because its destined to happen

But I do believe in the following Continue reading

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Here is an insight into the life of a child living on the street
(Interview extracted from a magazine)

It would touch anybody who has a heart !!

What is your name ?


Where are you originally from ?
I have been lving in Delhi ever since I was born. But my parents are originally from lucknow who came to Delhi many years back.

Wher do you live now ?
I live on this footpath now

What do you do for a living ?
We ( my mother, aunt, five brothers and sisters) sort things in garbage bins and separate saleable items. Then we take them to the kabariwala(junk dealers) and get money in return. That is why we make our jhuggi (slum area) right next to the garbage bin.

Do you get enough food to eat ?
We eat whatever we find in the garbage bin. Sometimes, when we have money, mother buys something from the dhaba and we have a feast. We eat kachauries, sometimes roti, sometimes bread, whatever we get that day. I save my food and eat it throughout the day, Continue reading

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Yahoo Finance recently launched new super cool interative draggable charts. I wanted to blog about it for quite some time but anyways its never too late ..

Yahoo finance has been number 1 finance portal for past many years. It takes less work to get to top than to stay at top. Number 2 position has always has number 1 to look forward to but number 1 has to be always innovative and competitive to beat the rest of the crowd. Though ppl often comment “Yahoo finance look the same for past couple of years” , but they need to know that we were always making our base stronger and stronger for better user experience and launch the following major projects and more

Streaming quotes :
Today if you look at , you wil find the quotes Continue reading

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Having had too many tickets myself and frnd like Piyush who has a record of getting one ticket per month, i have learnt the following technique which can help you avoid your ticket raising your auto insurance. Whenever you write a cheque Continue reading

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August 25th was my last day in Yahoo.It seems like yesterday when i joined Yahoo but when I actually look back , its been two years since I joined Yahoo and best time of my life so far. It was my first full time job as a fresh graduate. It couldnt have been better. When I joined Yahoo, I had offers from Amazon and ebay too but I was fortunate to take the desicion to join Yahoo which I never ever repented

I dont know how it happened but each day I found myself getting more and more Continue reading

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I was looking for a new laptop for sometime…After doing some research, was about to buy sony viao but my friend Bharath opened apple site and insisted on buying that. I have been using windows for past so many years , it was bit difficult to move to mac ..I was somehow not at all interested in buying a mac…He showed me all the features like I can have windows too on the new macbook with intel processor..I was quite impresed with it ..Right away we went to Palo Alto to check it out and there I liked it so much that ended up buying it that day itself …I got a very good deal and it costed me around 400$ less than the regular price..

I got it home.. Continue reading

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