As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on my venture for past three months. Finally the first product is out of the tunnel. You can check it out at Criticat is a platform where you can share your workplace experiences and rate your employer. I had following two things in mind when I was developing this Continue reading

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I have always been reading and hearing people saying “Think positive” . Yes I do think positive but I never knew the exact reason why one shud think positive. I think positive because it makes me feel better. This is how I look at it. Suppose there are two people aspiring to reach their destinations. THey both start at a point A and have to get to point B. One of them is very positive about the results and the other one is all pessimistic about the results. In most of the cases we spend like 90% of the time to get to the destination and stay at the destination for like 10% of the time and then the next journey begins. One who is thinking positive Continue reading

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I never knew how it feels not being happy with your work till I was working for Yahoo but as they say nothing is permanent but change, I left Yahoo and moved back to India. Yes, it was a big move. I had few problems getting used to this change. As my brother says “What differentiates human beings from Dinosaurs is adapability” , I adapted myself once again and I was fine :) . I got used to everything like traffic, climate , system but not to the professional world here. I had pretty bad experiences with the companies here during interview process itself. I had offers from IBM, Google , Continue reading

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There are lot of times when things change in our life. One day we have something and the other day, its gone.

Whenever problems come in our life , the following two categories of people act/react differently

1) Category 1 : They will keep on cribbing as to why problem has occurred Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered as to what makes you tired ?

Physical work? Mental work or the work which you don’t like? If you think about it you will realize that its the Continue reading

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A super hilarious video. You gotta watch it !!!

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Well I never thought when I left bay area that I will get a chance to go there again. But you never know. Now I am going back there tomorrow though only for two weeks. I wil be working from our US office which is in Emeryville. I am too too excited Continue reading

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Saksham(My nephew) and Sanya(my niece) both showing their excitement for christmas. Continue reading

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parrarel parking
So are guys better at driving,parking and directions than gals?? Interesting question huh? To me also it sounds pretty interesting…More interesting would be the answers to this question. From guys I expect to hear a unanimous “YES”. Before you guys make any opinion, whatever I am gonna write about it has been my experience with my circle of friends and ppl around which might not be true for everybody ….

Well till some time back I used Continue reading

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india gate
Its been almost three months now since I have moved from US to India. As a habit, I keep on observing lot of things around me and try to analyse them. Some of these things make me happy , some sad and some of them just amuse me. There is no doubt that there have been huge improvements in India in the past four years especially in the metropolitan cities. People are predicting that if India continues to grow at this rate then it will soon be world power number 3.

Now let me start with the things which make me sad so that I can talk about happy things at the end to have a happy ending ;) . Since I stay near Delhi so Continue reading

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