Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal

with the intent of throwing it at someone else

You are the one who gets burned” –Buddha

Isn’t it so true ?? When we get angry with someone , we are the ones who are burning from inside with anger. We feel that if we forgive that person then we will be doing that person a favor but the reality is that if we just let it go and forgive the person we are angry with  then we will be doing OURSELVES the biggest favor. At the end self love is the greatest love so we can always do ourselves this Continue reading

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Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways”

“it can change someone else’s life forever.” – Margaret Cho”

Do not think lightly of doing good, saying “A little will not affect me.”   for-

Just as a water jar is filled up by falling rain, drop by drop,

the wise one is filled up with merit by accumulating it little by little”

No matter how small a good deed you may get to do, don’t think that it is not important, for if you habitually do small deeds, in the long run they will become big ones. I have seen that lot of times we feel like doing good things but we feel we don’t have enough time or money or we think if we want to do something then it should be something big forgetting that its the small things together that make a BIG thing.

I truly feel that in our daily lives without joining any social organization or spending money(if we can’t) we can do numerous things that will affect Continue reading

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Which wolf are you feeding ?

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

He said, “My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.

“One is evil, which is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.”

“The other is good, which is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf wins?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, Continue reading

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If not everyday then couple of times a week I learn new lessons. Lot of times they are not worth a big blog post but I would still love to share with you all. So I have decided to start a new series “What I learnt today “. Here goes the first one-

“Problems have nothing to do with situations, but with one’s reaction to them.

“What’s happening is merely what’s happening. How you feel about it is another matter.

A lot of times we face problems and our immediate reaction is to have the situation responsible for it. It just satisfies our ego to have a situation/person wrong and prove itself right. Situation is there but how we interpret it and make  stories make all the difference

For eg   It’s raining

–The story you tell yourself  “Its a miserable day”

 My spouse didn’t give me a gift on our anniversary

– The story you tell yourself – “He/she doesn’t love Continue reading

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“Some flowers grow best in the Sun while others do well in Shade.

Remember, we are put where we grow the best and accordingly we get people and situations to grow with”

 A lot of times we get this question :”Why I am this situation when others are in a better one”.The quote above explains a lot. We all have different lessons to learn to grow. A dishonest man need to learn what is honesty while a greedy man needs to learn how to be generous.

Sometimes I think the whole nature is so perfect. There is a perfect rhythm and balance in all the things in nature. Only a prefect one can design such a perfect system and how can that perfect one put us in a  wrong situation. At times things seem bad but when you look back you know there was a good reason why Continue reading

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A young Sannyâsin went to a forest; there he meditated, worshipped, and practiced Yoga for a long time. After years of hard work and practice, he was one day sitting under a tree, when some dry leaves fell upon his head. He looked up and saw a crow and a crane fighting on the top of the tree, which made him very angry. He said, “What! Dare you throw these dry leaves upon my head!” As with these words he angrily glanced at them, a flash of fire went out of his head — such was the Yogi’s power — and burnt the birds to ashes. He was very glad, almost overjoyed at this development of power — he could burn the crow and the crane by a look. After a time he had to go to the town to beg his bread. He went, stood at a door, and said, “Mother, give me food.” A voice came from inside the house, “Wait a little, my son.” The young man thought, “You wretched woman, how dare you make me wait! You do not know my power yet.” While he was thinking thus the voice came again: “Boy, don’t be thinking too much of yourself. Here is neither crow nor crane.” He was astonished; still he had to wait. At last the woman came, and he fell at her feet and said, Continue reading

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During my Vipassana meditation , we were told a very interesting thing about four categories of people. There are following four categories of people

1) Walking from Darkness to light : Some people face very difficult situations in life. Their life is full of miseries. They go through very harsh times but they feel they have been going through all this because of what ever they did in the past. They understand that there will be no good if they keep on doing wrong things . They realize that “As you sow ,so shall you reap” so  they become good people and so become their deeds.

2) Walking in the light : Some people have  great lives. They have most things they want from life. They don’t become proud of such a life.They understand that to be able to lead such a life,  they should continue doing good deeds.  Such people are grateful of such great lives and they keep on moving in the light.

3)  Walking from light to darkness : Some people have great lives. They have money, fame Continue reading

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It happens with almost all of us that something undesirable happens and we start finding  reasons to blame things on other people , situation or circumstances. It somehow gives us a kind of consolation. We think of so many reasons as why it happened to us and then we stick to couple of them  that we find most convincing. We  often  love to think and talk about our victim  story. Lets see how our victim self thinks and talks -

– I cannot find a job because job market is bad.( ==> I will not find a job)

– I am not getting promotion at work because my manager doesn’t like me. (==>I will not get a promotion)

–  I am unhappy in my life because my girl friend dumped me and I lost my job.(==> I will stay unhappy) Continue reading

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Its been more than one year since I posted anything. I am sorry for not writing for such a long time. A lot of things happened in the last one year on both professional and personal front (everything for good :) . It was a good learning phase and I would love to share with you my learnings. I have been thinking for a long time to resume blogging since it gives me immense happiness but laziness kept me procrastinate it forever. I used to get so many emails from  people who  get inspired reading posts from this blog and everytime I used to think of resuming again . Yesterday I got an email from a 19 yrs old girl who  read this blog three months back  and was going through a very tough phase in her life. She said she didn’t want to write to me until she could apply those things in her life. Yesterday she wrote ” Your blog made a huge impact on my life. I request that you continue writing as it might affect others life too in a positive way.” It was an extremely touching email and I could not stop myself from not writing. My sincere thanks to that 19 yrs old girl and all of you who wanted me to write again. I will  try my best to be active this time.

Enjoy reading !!

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Today I started my work early (6:30 AM) since I had to prepare for two important meetings scheduled for the afternoon. I had no clue what news was awaited for me then . I was in a very enthusiastic mood for some unknown reason. At 7:30 AM I got to know that at 2AM a fire broke out in my office due to an electric short circuit. For a moment I couldn’t believe it when my mother told me that everything in my office was destroyed. Nothing was left. For an entrepreneur it felt almost like someone killed your baby.

I drove to work alone to see the situation. All kind of thoughts were coming to my mind. I was trying hard to think positive, trying to understand why it happened. I was composed till I reached my work place. The moment I reached there I saw Continue reading

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