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Having had too many tickets myself and frnd like Piyush who has a record of getting one ticket per month, i have learnt the following technique which can help you avoid your ticket raising your auto insurance. Whenever you write … Continue reading

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After having tough competition for two months finally Piyush did a hat-trick by getting one more ticket . He recently got a new Honda Accord V6 ..While he was testing how fast can his car go on 101 , Mr … Continue reading

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For last 3-4 weeks someone or the other is getting a ticket in our group.Till now Mr Piyush is leading big time and Sweta is the first runner up..This weekend it was my turn ….On friday it was 11:57 and … Continue reading

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Till now Mr Piyush was following the trend of getting one ticket per week… People were little disappointed when the trend was broken the last weekend when he was actually supposed to make the hat-trick We tried really hard to … Continue reading

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