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I got this from a friend of mine. It might be some old stuff but it made laugh a lot so though of sharing it through this blog **** Letter from Banta Singh of Punjab to Mr. Bill Gates of … Continue reading

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So are guys better at driving,parking and directions than gals?? Interesting question huh? To me also it sounds pretty interesting…More interesting would be the answers to this question. From guys I expect to hear a unanimous “YES”. Before you guys … Continue reading

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After having tough competition for two months finally Piyush did a hat-trick by getting one more ticket . He recently got a new Honda Accord V6 ..While he was testing how fast can his car go on 101 , Mr … Continue reading

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Till now Mr Piyush was following the trend of getting one ticket per week… People were little disappointed when the trend was broken the last weekend when he was actually supposed to make the hat-trick We tried really hard to … Continue reading

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Well It was long since I played a prank. Also Abu(my colleague) was due for a prank.He just joined 1 month back and didnt know much about the policies in our company …Last friday thought of playing a prank on … Continue reading

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Any prankster like me will be tempted to play some pranks on april fool’s day when it becomes their legal right to do that ….However I could not think of anything new and it was saturday(not a working day) so … Continue reading

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