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Its been almost three months now since I have moved from US to India. As a habit, I keep on observing lot of things around me and try to analyse them. Some of these things make me happy , some … Continue reading

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These days almost eveybody is using one or the other social networking sites like Orkut, Myspace, Facebook. I use orkut extensively. I use social networking site for social networking, to keep in touch with friends , for fun. How the … Continue reading

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Here is an excellent list of best value travel sites. Now that holiday season is approaching, it might be pretty useful.

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If you start reading blogs, you will see one blog talking about another blog, second blog talking about the third one and so on . So there will never be shortage of content to blog on because people can blog … Continue reading

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Yahoo Finance recently launched new super cool interative draggable charts. I wanted to blog about it for quite some time but anyways its never too late .. Yahoo finance has been number 1 finance portal for past many years. It … Continue reading

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August 25th was my last day in Yahoo.It seems like yesterday when i joined Yahoo but when I actually look back , its been two years since I joined Yahoo and best time of my life so far. It was … Continue reading

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I was looking for a new laptop for sometime…After doing some research, was about to buy sony viao but my friend Bharath opened apple site and insisted on buying that. I have been using windows for past so many years … Continue reading

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It was June 29th. I had booked my tickets for Seattle for the long weekend. I had taken a day off on June 30th so I had total 5 holidays. I was pretty excited about my trip . I was … Continue reading

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Last year one of my friends forwarded me the video of “The Blowers Daughter” by Damien Rice. I really liked the song and listened to it lotta times. Then I again like his songs in the movie “Good company (Cannonball) … Continue reading

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I used to find it very painful to fold any shirt/t-shirt …. UXqu-jr5Xj4

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