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As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on my venture for past three months. Finally the first product is out of the tunnel. You can check it out at Criticat is a platform where you … Continue reading

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I have always been reading and hearing people saying “Think positive” . Yes I do think positive but I never knew the exact reason why one shud think positive. I think positive because it makes me feel better. This is … Continue reading

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I never knew how it feels not being happy with your work till I was working for Yahoo but as they say nothing is permanent but change, I left Yahoo and moved back to India. Yes, it was a big … Continue reading

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There are lot of times when things change in our life. One day we have something and the other day, its gone. Whenever problems come in our life , the following two categories of people act/react differently 1) Category 1 … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered as to what makes you tired ? Physical work? Mental work or the work which you don’t like? If you think about it you will realize that its the

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A super hilarious video. You gotta watch it !!!

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Well I never thought when I left bay area that I will get a chance to go there again. But you never know. Now I am going back there tomorrow though only for two weeks. I wil be working from … Continue reading

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Saksham(My nephew) and Sanya(my niece) both showing their excitement for christmas.

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So are guys better at driving,parking and directions than gals?? Interesting question huh? To me also it sounds pretty interesting…More interesting would be the answers to this question. From guys I expect to hear a unanimous “YES”. Before you guys … Continue reading

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Its been almost three months now since I have moved from US to India. As a habit, I keep on observing lot of things around me and try to analyse them. Some of these things make me happy , some … Continue reading

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