About Shweta Gupta

Last revised: Aug 2007

An optimistic saggi who truly believes that Life is Beautiful so Smile and keep smiling !!! Someone who loves to laugh and make others laugh .

Sometimes I just wonder how much our attitude and perception matter in life. I think its the attitude which makes all the difference. Same things are seen and felt differently by different ppl depending on their attitude. I think that I see all the things with a positive attitude and that what keeps me really happy. I truly believe “Its all in the mind” and so is the happiness.

Friends are a very important part of my life. I think I am a very very lucky person to have these wonderful friends. They have been there through thick and thin. I think I have best of everything : best of friends, best family and best of every relation I have .

Talking about my favorite pastimes, I enjoy listening to music the most .I can chit-chat any time. I just love to walk with my ipod.I like to read about latest technologies. I spend quite a lot of time on sites like techcrunch, wired and etc etc. Sleeping is another thing , I really enjoy. Last but not the least leg pulling and playing pranks.

Are you wondering that I haven’t mentioned anything about my professional life ? Well you can check out my professional profile here

One day I want to run a marathon. One day I want to try skydiving to feel the real adrenaline-rush. One day I want to write a book with the title “Life is Beautiful”, that will make everyone SMILE

More about me coming up soon …

  • Cooking is one thing I am good at(My friends say so :) ). I can cook variety of cuisines like Indian(North indian and south indian),Mughlai,Italian, Chinese,Cakes, Ice creams. I really enjoy cooking and love to try out different recipes.Best part is that I can cook really fast. Whenever I dine outside I have a very bad habit of guessing its recipe.Besides cooking I love eating

  • Music, music , music. I just love listening to music. I listen to music whenever I have nothing to do or have lots to do. My laptop is always playing some music. Some of my favorite artists are Bryan Adams, Nirvana, Kishore Kumar, Adnan Sami,Eric Clapton, John Denver and the list goes on

  • This avatar portrays the real saggi in me who loves adventure in life. I am very fond of adventurous sports like skiing, rafting, bungee jumping, para sailing , jet skiing, roller coasters and all kind of water sports

  • I have recently developed this habit. I make sure I read some book for atleast half an hour every day. For some reason, I enjoy audio books more than the regular books. I enjoy reading books on management, positive thinking, power of mind, biographies.Some of my favorite books are The Alchemist, The Kite Runner, Good to Great, The Secret, The Secret of the Ages, Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Now,DaVinci Code, Atlas Shrugged, The Fountain Head

  • This part of me is a philosopher and a thinker who believes in meditation, yoga, dreaming and visualizing. I feel this universe has infinite power and through meditation and visualization I connect with that infinite power of mind. I strongly believe that you can change your reality by changing your thoughts. “If you have a BURNING DESIRE for something and an UNSHAKEABLE FAITH that you will get it then no force in this universe can stop you from getting it no matter how big or small it is”.
    “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become”

  • This part of me is an entrepreneur who wants to leave a mark in the world. This avatar is a constant learner who has an unsatiable urge to bring some positive change in the world.This avatar beleives a lot in herself and is very confident about making her dreams comes true. You might want to check out her latest venture- Criticat