Tera Mangal ho (May you be blessed)!!

Yesterday I was looking for something on youtube and I came across the following video. Please do watch it. Its in hindi (Indian language).

It brought back all my memories of Vipassana meditation. We used to hear this song “Tera mangal ho (May you be happy and blessed)” everyday there. If you ask me about the most beautiful moments of life then hands down it would be my Vipassana experience. I can smile anytime thinking about my Vipassana experience. I wish all of us can experience it atleast ONCE. There was surely some mystical energy. That place truly inspires you to wish “Happiness” for everyone around you and that is what the above song is all about. At the end of every meditation session at Vipassana, we used to practice – Metta bhavna (loving kindness meditation) where we used to send kindness and blessings to others which I guess does more good to you than others. Vipassana has been one of the most significant events of my life. Never before Vipassana, I would pray to God to become a better person. In last four years, I have not changed immensely but I feel Vipassana made me little more conscious and probably little better as a person:) I feel extremely grateful that I had a chance to experience this beautiful 10 day journey. If you decide to go there, remember that you should be truly willing to receive what Vipassana has to offer.

Tera Mangal, mera mangal, sabka mangal ho ( May you, me and everyone around be happy and blessed with goodness)

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9 Responses to Tera Mangal ho (May you be blessed)!!

  1. Rajiv Sahay says:

    I’m impressed………..write more on it.

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  2. Archana says:

    Beautiful song Shweta!!! Its stuck in my head. I would love to experience Vipassana once.

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  3. Bhomik S says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience and song. I love it. Aapka mangal ho!

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  4. Chintan says:

    I would like to have an audio of this.. helps me so much in my metta practice.. thanks for posting..

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  5. Satrughan Lal pradhan says:

    Very melodious metta song which I have been looking for some time!!! Thank you.

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  6. Mahendra says:

    Very nice. I have gone through Vipassana and love this song. May I get audio copy of this, wish to make it my ring tone.

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  7. naresna says:

    Really enjoyed listening to your voice,wonderful thank you very much

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  8. Bhavya says:

    You have written it so beautifully that my heart is filled with gratitude..Vipassana is a beautiful experience!! One must experience it..

    With Metta..

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  9. chandubhai vaya says:

    बहोत ही सुंदर तेरामंगल हो

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