If you meet God,what would you ask for?

Couple of days back I had this dream where I saw that I meet God and he asks me “What is the one thing you would like to ask for”. I knew in my dream that it surely wasn’t a million dollar as I have always heard in stories. I told God in my dream that I need some time to think about it. All I remember after that is that I woke up and I don’t know what I asked for if  at all I asked for :) However this serious question bothered me the whole day “Jokes apart, what would I ask for if I am given one wish”.
After a lot of thinking I knew what would that thing be. Are you curious to know? Think about yours before you read about mine :)

Here were couple of options all of us might think -  Loads of Money, fame, career, getting married, getting the love of your life,   good life partner,  having children, big house, car, luxuries, food to eat, successful business , admission in a good school/college,  good education for  your kids , good children, good parents, nice boss,  good job, pain free life,  debt free life, obstacle free life, happiness for your children, freedom from a disease like cancer, disease free life, poverty free life,  healthy body, comfortable old age, wish to ask for wish again :) etc

I thought that none of the above will ever give me happiness and satisfaction for long. I wanted to ask God for one thing and i.e “Fill me with Love and wisdom”. Sounds so philosophical. Right? But do think about it.

I  have experienced  those magical moments 2-3 times in my life where everything was so beautiful . Nothing had changed around me in those moments. My problems were same as before but the only difference  was that my heart was filled with love. One of those moments was my last day at “10  days Vipassana meditation“. I felt that it would be foolish to ask God for other stuff as that wont last long.  Whenever we are in a difficult situation, we  pray for situation to change but it might not be right to ask God to change the situation we are in because that might be the best situation for our growth.

Some flowers grow best in the Sun while others do well in Shade.Remember, we are put where we grow the best and accordingly we get people and situations to grow with”.

If we have love and wisdom, we wont resist any situation instead see the blessing in it and with our wisdom do the right thing in that situation whether its loss of job, deal, house or a loved one.

When our heart is filled with love, nothing seems like a problem. Things are just happening and  with our wisdom, we just know how to  react to it. When our heart is filled with love, we can see  God’s love in every small thing on this earth. It is love and wisdom that  empowered simple people to do really big things whether it was Mother Teressa or Mahatma Gandhi.

“Problems have nothing to do with situations, but with one’s reaction to them.What’s happening is merely what’s happening. How you feel about it is another matter.”

It also made me realize why “Gayatri Mantra” is considered the most powerful mantra in Hindu philosophy. This Mantra doesn’t ask for any material riches, freedom from pain or poverty but ONLY ONE THING and i.e wisdom. This is my favorite mantra and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND  chanting/listening to it couple of times every day. I can tell you from experience, its indeed very powerful and magical. However when you do it, do it with faith and contemplate on its meaning.

I am eagerly waiting for God to come in my dream again and I wont take long this time :) Please don’t complaint that instead of one thing I asked for two things “Love and wisdom”. I guess God will be this much liberal with me.


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  1. Bharadwaj N says:

    I do not know who you are just came across while searching for Pligg/Joomla – Your thoughts are just Amazing, and you are absolutely right. Ask for “Fill me with Love and wisdom” and may be I will ask him to be “Happy and Healthy (God will be) ” – We are always concerned about our own life, are we concerned about him? Great Post Shweta..

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  2. Rajiv Sahay says:

    If I meet God I would ask him, “What is your criteria of giving birth to a human being in a particular family”. What I mean is, if God is our Supreme father, if God loves all his children equally then why is there so many natural disparities? Why are some people black and some white, why some ugly and some beautiful, why some people with more brains and some with less brains. Why are some people rich and some poor? The very genesis of human suffering begins from such permanent disparities created by if I can say…God. When I say so, I mean that these inequalities are not created by man.

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  3. sneha bhardwaj says:

    thanks shweta for such a good lines and beautiful thoughts. Om shanti….!

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  4. God! “please bless me with Good Health, a very sharp brain “, so that due to my increased efficiency and productivity I’d be able to do more public good in a selfless way..Life is very beautiful. Drink its elixir and distribute its sweetness to everyone around through your constant practice of the four
    Cs Courage, Cooperation, Consistency and Conviction..

    Ms.Nirmala P.Rao
    Legal expert and Political analyst and blogger, owner of http://www.wizardlegal.in

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  5. Abigail Lim says:

    “Some flowers grow best in the Sun while others do well in Shade. Remember, we are put where we grow the best and accordingly we get people and situations to grow with”. This is a beautiful verse.

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  6. Rahul sharma says:
  7. Karin says:

    Hehe I think million dollar was a wish in everyones when we were little. Have to say it is a hard question, but I would ask him for more love in the world. When we love ourself we can love others otherwise not. Maybe than there would be more peace.

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