What I learnt today (Part 3)

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal

with the intent of throwing it at someone else

You are the one who gets burned” –Buddha

Isn’t it so true ?? When we get angry with someone , we are the ones who are burning from inside with anger. We feel that if we forgive that person then we will be doing that person a favor but the reality is that if we just let it go and forgive the person we are angry with  then we will be doing OURSELVES the biggest favor. At the end self love is the greatest love so we can always do ourselves this favor :)

I remember  during our Vipassana course , S.N Goenka ji used to tell us this lesson  – A lot of times one person says to another  “For whatever bad things you have done  to me, I won’t forget it/you for my lifetime” and Goenka ji would ask ” Arre bhai kiska nuksaan karoge agar zindagi bhar yaad rakhoge :) ? (Who will be at loss if you  remember it for your lifetime?)”.

We don’t realize but we are the ones who suffer when we hold on to anger. Sometimes the person we are angry with doesn’t even know what we are going through but we continue to burn ourselves with anger. I know anger is a really powerful emotion and it tends to take complete control of you but if we become conscious of our anger and know that it will for our good  to let it go then it will definitely help. Its a slow process but works.

Its very natural to forget about these philosophies when we are angry but if we can remind ourselves of it once in 10 times, its still good :)

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26 Responses to What I learnt today (Part 3)

  1. Manish says:

    Hi Shweta..completely agree with you on this…just let go & forgive..else we will continue burning ourselves…
    One should learn from small children..they fight and next day they are friends again!!

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  2. Vipin says:

    Anger is what we should really avoid, i am totally agree with your statements, if we carry the same thoughts of anger or revenge then we will be in loss and we’ll be kinda loosing our energy of which we gonna get nothing. So it’s better to get that out from the mind.
    But one thing i would like to say here is sometimes in our life anger gives some relief also, like if you are in depression then it is better to throw your anger, This will give you some relief.

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  3. Shweta Shah says:

    Hi Shweta..Completely agree..It is very true that when we get anfry we forget everting/everyone in those such momments and most imporatanly we forget ourselves.But i think it’s a human nature as whenever something goes against our wish,we get depressed and it comes out in form of anger so it is up to us only how soon we forget it and overcome it.

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    Tapendra reply on January 19th, 2011 9:33 am:

    I HATE THE LINE WHEN PEOPLE SAY “ITS HUMAN NATURE”…..I dnt relate with this fact and i believe that a human nature is what we make it or how we have treated ourselves……Like if we have always given up in a depressing situation and have never fought against it then that becomes our human nature…in other way if we have battled against it and have always dealed in positive direction then that’s also a human nature….so its clearly visible that “NATURE IS WHAT WE MAKE IT AND NOT SOME GOD GIFTED ELEMENT”…

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  4. vijay says:

    its true i completly agree

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  5. vijay says:

    but what iff you are angry by yourself, for me not possible to forgive ourself.

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  6. anamika says:

    i dont agree with Vijay.. :-) .. i feel it is easy to forgive by yourself

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  7. sudesh seth says:

    Dont get angry from within but just show because some time it is necessary for others to learn their mistakes and they dont repeat again. This way you do not disturb your self from within and at the same time you teach others a lesson.

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  8. Yshguru says:

    Hi Shweta I liked the way you have explained the anger hope it has work with everyone
    Our society does not allow us to express strong emotions. We are taught to hold in our emotions from the earliest age. This can have a profoundly negative effect on our overall health. It’s not wrong to express anger, fear, sadness, rage. In fact, it is healthy to release these emotions regularly. What’s wrong is when we hurt someone in the process. It is preferable to find safe ways to dump the negative feelings.

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  9. vidhya says:

    hi shweta ji
    i liked the way u have elaborated ur thoughts abt anger….
    i completely agree wid u ,itz true
    bt iam the one who is very short tempered
    bt this blog helped me a lot to control my anger………..

    keep writing ………

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  10. soheila says:

    great words dear Shweta…
    thank you :-)

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  11. Gogineni says:

    To be angry is easy. But to be angry with the right man at the right time and in the right manner, that is not easy. ·
    Aristotle .

    this is something i wanted to tell after reading your blog.


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  12. khader says:

    i completely agree wid u, but sumtime even u forgive them its hurt u lot whenever u remind of those.

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  13. ankita says:

    hello shweta i liked it very much
    thanx i think it will help me

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  14. Rahul says:

    It is very true. Holding anger is bad and throwing on other is very good.

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  15. Shreekanth Murali says:

    Anger is one of the feelings and human thing that everyone is having. Getting angry is not a sin but need to know how to ventilate it. If you get angry best thing that you can do is just quickly get out of the place and take a long walk.. Every minute you live you are taking a new birth.. u got to see new people…different character… all new to you …so every minute of your rebirth just feel it ..experience it …make it as a reference … and dont get hit emotionally… life is always kinda uncertain…

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  16. Hey Swetha… U can take a look at my personal blog http://life-makeiteasy.blogspot.com/

    Im writing this blog for more than a year…

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  17. Ghanshyam says:

    Do you think it is possible for human being to act like this? I think, its difficult; but not impossible. :-)

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  18. Vishu Sukhdev says:

    I think all the control of life in our hand we can change or get control on some situation. but its really very difficult and required more patience.

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  19. venkateshwarlu says:

    Yes,Anger is just one letter shorter to DANGER even in spelling too.pl keep writing.

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  20. Amol says:

    Yes, Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.
    Nice thoughts keep posting.

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  21. Rajesh Raut says:

    Yes Its Correct……! We have to control Our self……! And its Possible……!

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  22. Meenakshi says:

    ultimate thought…

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  23. Rajiv Sahay says:

    Anger is just a letter short of DANGER…….So stay away from it.

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