A Startup on fire has lot of fire(energy) inside

Today I started my work early (6:30 AM) since I had to prepare for two important meetings scheduled for the afternoon. I had no clue what news was awaited for me then . I was in a very enthusiastic mood for some unknown reason. At 7:30 AM I got to know that at 2AM a fire broke out in my office due to an electric short circuit. For a moment I couldn’t believe it when my mother told me that everything in my office was destroyed. Nothing was left. For an entrepreneur it felt almost like someone killed your baby.

I drove to work alone to see the situation. All kind of thoughts were coming to my mind. I was trying hard to think positive, trying to understand why it happened. I was composed till I reached my work place. The moment I reached there I saw the blaze had destroyed EVERYTHING. I had never seen such a sight. Everything including laptops(All the laptops we have), desktop, printer, furniture, AC, fans, router, inverter, electric wiring, water dispenser, phone was destroyed. This fire had reduced everything other than my dreams to ashes. Glass walls had turned into pieces. I tried hard but couldn’t control my tears. It was heart aching to see my burnt office. That sight was horrifying . For a startup person, cost of smallest possible thing matters. There was a Criticat board with a Criticat logo on it. It was gifted to me on Rakhi by my brother as a surprise gift. That time also I had tears in my eyes seeing that surprise and today when it had turned into ashes I had tears in my eyes. I was wondering how things can change in just a moment. It was surprising but I could feel a strong force inside me that was telling me that it happened for good. You might find it surprising but there is small place in my office to worship GOD. This place was intact. I went there, looked at GOD and promised him that everything will be back up again. I could feel God smiling back at me and saying ” Its gonna be all fine. Everything happened for good.” . There was loss of data too but it seemed small at that moment. I wiped off my tears and started to think “How to set things Right”. Today was my real test. It was time to use my positive attitude, to apply everything I have learnt. I could feel that what I learnt at Vipassana really helped me today. Its easy to preach people about positive thinking but not that easy to apply it yourself. But today I could apply my learnings on myself. Today all the quotes I use started dancing in front of me ” Everything happens for a reason, and reason might not be in front of you” , “Everything is impermanent” , “There is nothing called a problem, its only a challenge or an opportunity to learn”, “Don’t give it up” ,”There are no accidents. Everything is a lesson. Everything has a PURPOSE, A PURPOSE, A PURPOSE”

I came home and the moment I entered and saw my bhabhi, I had tears again. I am extremely blessed to have such a wonderful family. My dad said ” Don’t worry at all. We should be thankful to GOD, it could have been much worse. Learn from this lesson and move on. I am sure you will make it BIG and cover up for this soon”. My brother said in a giggling tone ” There is no reason to be sad. We will set everything back in 2-3 days. You should be happy that you will get everything new :) ”. My mother said ” Such small things are part of life. I will start the construction work from today itself” . My bhabhi said ” Don’t worry at all. Life teaches you all the time. There must be something good in this. I will help you in setting up your temp office. You can give my laptop to one of your employees for the time being” . I felt with this love and faith no fire in this world can damage you. There is much more energy in love and faith than any casuality on the earth can take away.

I knew for sure that it happened for an awakening. It happened for my good. Firstly I could see and feel the love, faith and bonding in the family. Secondly I realized how sweet my employees are. They are more than willing to set it up back again asap. Thirdly after this incidence my energy increased many folds. I can feel the gush of energy inside me now.
After this incidence I went to attend the meetings and then to buy the laptops. I realized that no matter what one shouldn’t let his/her faith die. All the strength to face any damn problem is inside us, we just need to realize it. Probably the Vipassana course really helped me in realizing that. Its so true that when you really want something the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it. I have been getting help from people(known and unknown) like anything. No doubt one is tested time and again and this was my test but all one has to do is ‘HAVE FAITH’. Thats what I did today. I realized that thinking about the solution instead of problems really helps. It makes your mind more constructive. There was an invaluable learning in this experience. I feel extremely thankful for what happened today.

This fire rekindled the fire within me. Fire to to make things work.

Once again my belief became stronger in the quote “Its all in the mind – be it failure, victory, strength or happiness”

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  1. Asfaq says:

    Woah! your office caught fire! Good that you were OK! Take care, if there is anything we can do… dont hesitate to ask.

    So, you are getting new stuff now in the office? employee morale will be at a all time high now, thats for sure !!!

    Dont worry too much about it, its only a fire in the office. Your new balance sheet will be better looking ;-)

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  2. Amit Gupta says:

    I can imagine what & how you felt; hearing the news is in this kinda situations is nothing compared to the actual sight of the damage which just takes over a person & no one can be prepared for it!! And at that when it happens to your own pet which you so lovingly nurtured, it can be damning!

    But your dad & family are right, learn from it, be brave, be positive and move on! My best wishes again to your renewed effort & zeal. :)

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  3. I started reading your blog and following you on twitter a few days ago.

    One way to look at what happened is you are getting a clean slate to start over again. You can learn from the last time and do it better this time. Good Luck!

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  4. rajeev gandhi says:

    Hi Shweta,
    Sorry to hear about this. Really unfortunate.

    I hope you had some insurance coverage.

    A few things might help you:
    - Items purchased through credit cards may be eligible for purchase assurance coverage. Check with both the bank and the credit card company (Master/Visa/Amex). Something like this:

    Just wanted to let you know that your positive spirit is really inspiring.


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  5. Fred says:

    Cool your blog.
    i will follow you to learn more!


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  6. Piyush says:

    shocked to hear that!
    i wish everything works out well for you.

    - Piyush

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  7. Avinash says:


    Very shocking. And equally inspiring.

    You sure are an entrepreneur on fire! This physical fire has only rekindled the fire within you.

    If I were an investor, I would invest my money right away on Criticat. Obviously not to help you, but to help myself. :)

    Just know that the spirit with which you have quickly handled the situation so well.. is very inspiring. Kudos.

    Life ‘is’ truly beautiful.

    Do let us know if we can help in any manner in the process of setting things back up. Even if you ‘can’ handle things, do let us know a few things that we can handle as well.


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  8. Dipak says:

    inspiring!! its really great feeling to see a women display such strength and control. Have read your blog for the first time today.. but will be reading it more often.
    Have a nice day!!

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  9. Ali Naveed says:

    Hi Shweta,

    I am so sorry to hear about the fire..

    But Remember…

    Whatever the Almighty does for us if for our own good…sometimes we understand it only after a significant time has passed.

    You Never Know… This might be a Blessing in Disguise For U…

    Dont lose heart & keep the fire of your passion & conviction towards Criticat always burning high…

    All The Best

    Keep Smiling


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  10. Niket says:

    lehron se dar kar nauka paar nahi hoti…
    himmat karne waalon ki haar nahi hoti….

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  11. Avinash says:

    Being associated with a startup, i can understand that every smallest thing is valuable in startup company. But again startup life gives courage to see value even in disaster as once Edison said “There is a great value in disaster. This gives opportunity to start anew.”

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  12. Sorry to hear this, as you said, every small things matters for a start up firm. I started my career with a start up where i never demanded more or compared with others. So keep focused on your goals and don’t get shattered for this unforeseen situation.You got plenty of exp & busz ideas with you which cannot by exploited by anything/anyone. So keep going gal..at this stage i feel you should also keep your employees motivated and get going for your vision.Think like you are just going to start another startup with past experiences and mistakes..Try to watch this movie by Will Smith “Pursuit Of Happyness”.
    Life is always beautiful..

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  13. vimoh says:

    Nothing like starting from scratch. Isaac Newton’s 18 years of research was lost to fire started by a candle that his dog accidentally upset.

    He rewrote it all. The only thing he told his dog when he petted it was, “you have no idea what you have done”.

    A test is a test is a test!

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  14. Abi Antony says:

    Hi shweta,
    you’re such a brave woman!!!

    I’d like to add a word from The Book

    “The Harvest is indeed abudant but the workers are few. therefore pray the lord of the harvest that he may send out workers into your harvest”

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  15. blogeswari says:

    Gosh! It is indeed very unfortunate, Shweta.

    But, I am amazed by your strength!
    Good luck, Shweta!

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  16. Aswin says:

    Hi Shweta,

    Actually a Random visitor, but somehow instantly took to ur blog. Great to get to know someone so inspired.

    My best wishes for the new-look Criticat!

    This is one time where you can implement the changes you always wanted to, since you’re almost rebuilding anyway.

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  17. Aswin says:

    Been to Criticat site now. Great idea, this.

    But where do you get your revenue from? I want to know a lot more ‘practical’ stuff about entrepreneurship. It would be great if i could get your email id so that i can put in a few queries.

    Thanks Shwetha !

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  18. Chetan Kunte says:

    Sorry to hear this news, it must have been devastating. I admire you and your team’s courage in finding your inner strength back. Hope to see you back in force again. Good luck and God bless.

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  19. Pandu says:

    Hi Shwetha,
    Very sad to here this,But I think you are strong to face it.Shwetha this is a wake up call for you to make it big.Iam confident that you definatly make it.
    Shwetha god know’s that your strong and he want to make you more strong.Iam looking forward to here good news from you that you made it.

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  20. Anand says:

    Sorry to hear this. I am sure you would stand up and stand tall. Wish you all the very best.
    Take good care

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  21. Satpal says:

    Well I must say ur one of the most positive and brave gal I have come across in recent times. I am really impressed with ur inner strength and gumption.

    Yes ur r absolutely right everthing happen for a reason and as they say anything that dont kill us make us stronger.I wish u all luck for new start.

    Hope you will do even better this time.

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  22. Vijay says:


    If there is anything I could do to help, just let us know. Am truly glad that you are reacting in the positive way. Am truly proud.

    A fellow entrepreneur,
    Vijay (proto.in)

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  23. Vishnu says:

    Hi Shweta,

    Sorry to hear about this news. it was really unfortunate. I wish you a good luck for new start.

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  24. Manas Garg says:

    Got to know about you, your company and this incident from Piyush. I (truly!) admire your spirit. The company that you have started may or may not live; it may or may not succeed. But such moments of high spirit are the moments lived. Rest of the time, we are more dead than alive.

    I was going thorough your site and had a couple of comments. Will write to you about them separately.

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  25. Aditya says:

    Sorry to hear about your (temporary) setback. Knowing you, am sure you would brave through this.

    “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins- not through strength but by perseverance”
    - H. Jackson Brown

    Good luck!

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  26. Archana Gupta says:

    Hi Shweta,

    I am really sorry about this incident. I had no clue about this when you visited us here.
    It is commendable the way you handled yourself , very courageously and calmly. I am sure with the support and love of your family you will take Criticat to a new high level.

    Its always inspiring to read your blogs. Keep the good work going…

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  27. vikas jain says:

    Hi Shweta,

    Really feeling nice to know a person like you who can stand so firm in so difficult of a situation, great…. Kudos to you.

    Its very easy to tell others, but equally difficult to implement on self & you have shown that spirit.

    Sorry, I am not sounding sympathetic coz I am not finding any reason for that & only thing I can take out of this blog is sheer POSITIVE ATTITUDE, which can inspire & take many people to a long way in life….GOD BLESS YOU & All the very best

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  28. Anomalizer says:

    OMG! That is terrible. All I can say is “I bow down to your grit and determination”. I get upset when I lose one hard disk on one desktop; what you are able to do in your situation looks unbelievable from where I stand.

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  29. Rohit says:

    Rise like a Phoenix!

    Will look forward to seeing a few pics of your new office.

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  30. Thejesh GN says:

    sorry to hear about fire.
    But all the very best. I am sure everything is going to be alright.

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  31. Hi Shewta,

    Thats the Spirit !!!!

    I recently got http://www.hiteshmamgain.com and was thinking of starting a blog, and what better way to do that by learning from people you admire. Your post is so inspiring and energetic, i am glad that i know you.

    I hope that everything is fine now and you will be up and running.

    Best regards

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  32. Neha says:


    I always feel that you belong to a completely “different class”. Kudos to you. I always get inspired reading your blog. You are a true inspiration for every female. I wish you success in everything. God bless you

    Best Wishes,

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  33. shweta Gupta says:

    Hello Friends,

    I would like to THANK EVERYBODY for their support and encouragement.It means a lot to me. I was amazed to see emails and wishes from lot of my friends and unknown people. A day after this Fire, I had a meeting with my entrepreneur friends. Imagine they gave Criticat Board as a surprise gift.It was one of the most beautiful gestures I could expect from them. Every day I feel more and more that ‘Life is Beautiful’. If you look at it from eyes, you will believe it too.

    I feel so motivated seeing these responses. Once again I feel blessed to have such people around me.I hope you all will agree that this FIRE was a blessing in disguise for me. Now every time I feel low, I can just come and read these responses to feel the energy gush again.

    Thanks once again for your kind words and support.


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  34. kartik says:

    Hi Shweta,
    Very inspiring, great going. Am myself a very firm believer in “whatever happens happens for good”. one should always remember no matter how long the night, dawn will break.

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  35. Kunal says:

    Hey Shweta,
    Randomly came to your blog and read ab the fire bit! damn… i hope the office is up and running and the only fire burning is in ur heart!

    all the best!

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  36. Sachin Nayak says:

    Have been an anonymous reader of your blog and follower of your site updates since some time.

    Sorry to read about your office. Received a jolt filled with shock and pain to see what a startup can suffer.

    Hope nobody was injured.

    Keep up the fighting spirit.

    Do place a blog post in case u need any help.

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  37. Sathiya says:

    Hi Shwetha,
    hope this link would be helpful for you…

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  38. karthik says:

    Everything you mentioned in terms of being positive and rebuilding your stuff etc is fine and good but I dont agree with your logic that everything happens for a reason. Be realistic. There is no possible good reason for your office to burn down. It was just a random occurence of this universe and thats about it. You want to believe that everything happens for a reason merely because the thought that some sentient being (that people call God) is in control of everything, comforts you because, that means, you could in some way do things to please that being and in return expect a better life for yourself. So you see, it is a mere fear psychosis that is driving your thoughts. The universe works on random probabilities. The sooner you realize this the better. Again, this in no insinuates that you should not be positive etc. All that is fine. Just that dont live with this ignorant belief that everything happens for a reason governed by this almighty being. That is simply not true !

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  39. sateesh says:

    Hi shwetha,

    I am really inspired seeing your profile and you made it double after reading the way you set back from this fire disaster. Indians surely need to know about great people like you to make their life beautiful.

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  40. sri says:

    At first glance i thought, ‘Startup on fire’ meaning huge success and was more interested in reading about it. As you walked us through your true fire story, i could not stop reading it, even though it was not what i thought.
    You have really put your story well on the net. Good job

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  41. Amit says:

    It was 2002- my first venture,I lost all my computer, data, backup, notes, books, furniture…nothing survived in that fire. I saw my office turning into ashes. My partner and my team were not that supportive but then I must thank that incident that I started again all alone. Yes it was fire within me to start from scratch.

    Past has been wiped out…I think the fire has come to take out the old, and bring in the new.

    “When you really want something, the world conspires to make your dream come true.”

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    karthik reply on July 14th, 2008 3:18 pm:

    Going by your logic of the world conspires blah blah, the world should conspire everytime it happens right. I guess it will be interesting to see how many times you are able to start from scratch. Just accept the fact that all this “world conspires blah blah” stuff is psychological dude. You will be a much better person in life.

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    parag reply on September 3rd, 2009 6:19 am:

    hi karthik,

    even though u r right, there is nothing wrong in generating mental toughness to overcome such circumstances by thinking like shweta.

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  42. Ashok Kadam says:

    Few people are born brave in this world. I am sure Shweta is one of them. Praise the Lord!

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  43. Amrita says:

    hi dear your incidence and ur reaction to it was very touching people who often tend to forget what they hear or preach about life’s values. but you are the one who have applied those values and principles and made yours and others life

    Hats off!

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    ashish reply on September 15th, 2008 6:20 am:

    Hi Shweta,

    Not sure how I landed on ur site and this post. It happened in the month of May but reading your post, I still felt the pain that you may have gone through. I wish ! I could have seen this post earlier so that i could have supported you via words, if nothing else.

    Saw criticat. Looks cool. idea of rating companies via UGC never picked up in other countries…not sure how much it can in India. Moreover, what pain does it solve in this networked world?

    chalo bye

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  44. backgammon says:

    One of my beliefs is that the external world is a direction reflection of our internal thoughts and beliefs. Everything is depend upon positivity and self esteem which will make our life worth living.

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  45. backgammon says:

    One of my beliefs is that the external world is a direction reflection of our internal thoughts and beliefs. Everything is depend upon positivity and self esteem which will make our life worth living :)

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  46. Aryan says:

    its very inspirational and really you are so positive. keep it up all the best for future…

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  47. Mahul says:

    U remind me of Steve Jobs.

    Cool stuff and cool blog. Best of luck!

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  48. Poorva says:

    Shweta, hope everything is fine.. checked your blog after a long time. Take care..

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  49. Ruchika says:

    Hi!I saw your blog & website just by chance.I feel very lucky. It’s a very inspiring & positive blog. Hope things are running fine after that blaze….the write up is really heart rending but what matters most is that you have kept the spirits alive..both yours, your family’s & your employees.

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  50. Hi,

    Reached your blog via searching for “Life is beautiful” blog themes. I also have the same theme and hence was searching the similar souls :)

    I liked your post as it came directly from your heart. I follow The Art of Living techniques and could precisely follow what you have posted here. Finally, the goal of all spiritual paths is the same.

    General comment: A crisis situation bring people together. So, do we need to await that crisis situation to arrive, to realize this closeness ?

    Sandeep (Pitamah)

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  51. Everything is supposed to happen for a reason right? In the end, it’s always for our own good.

    The only problem with that attitude is, if it isn’t ‘good’, it just isn’t the end yet. When does that elusive ‘end’ come?

    What if, there really were no reasons, no purpose? What if all these things we think and have faith only exist to help us survive our day to do disasters?

    Would you want to know?

    BTW, really sorry about your office. I really hope you recover from it.

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  52. damu says:

    Everything happens for a reason. Whatever happened is gone away. You should learn from that. Life is continuous learning process right? Regretting about past means you are risking your future.

    It’s really great to see the way you have taken this terrifying event. Your strength of mind might have helped you a lot in this testing moment of your life.

    We all pray for you to come back strongly. Good luck….

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  53. Shweta says:

    Hey Just came to read your blog Its really very very Inspiring. u know we share the same name, I got ur blog while searching my name to test some search site.And I feel inside me that certainly Life is so Beutiful its just the matter of thoughts. You are such an Amazing Personality, i want to follow you up and want to know you more about u..Keep writing ALL THE BEST!!!

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  54. Sriharsha says:

    After you hit the ground the hardest,you bounce back to achieve greater heights,and achieve you did.
    Its just how we fight during these times that make all the difference:)


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  55. Really heart touching once…But I am a positive thinker and I believe in a famous quote of Bhagavadgita ‘whatever happens that happens for the sake of good’…So u can always start a fresh and never ever try to give up…One or another day you will make it…Wish you all the best…

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  56. sheetansh thakur says:

    nice blog …. l liked it … grt work

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  57. soheila says:

    i’m amazing by ur strength …
    i wish u goodluck for ur new start :-)
    keep writing ….
    i’ll follow you

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  58. shweta gupta says:

    dear Shweta Gupta,
    You are very lucky to have supportive family, blessed by intelligence, good people around you. You can really move out this situation very soon.
    But i am very unlucky. no one in this world stand besides me. i hate my self a lot. i hate this world and want to die.

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  59. Abigail Lim says:

    Dear Shweta, I have been following your posts and you are indeed an inspiration to us all. Your story of how you succeeded after the office fire, it’s really like the phoenix that is reborn from the ashes ;)

    It also reminded me of the story of Thomas Edison, ” On a cold December day in 1914, Thomas’ factory caught fire. He stood outside and said to his kids, “Go get your mother, she will never see another fire like this one.”

    Most of us would be crushed as our dreams went up in smoke. Thomas responded to this tragedy by saying, “I am sixty-seven, but not too old to make a fresh start. I’ve been through a lot of things like this.” He rebuilt that lab that covered a three football field area and worked for another seventeen years. What a man! He lived his dreams and impacted the entire world with his positive lifestyle.

    Amazing attitude! :D

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