Do you know your “real potential” ?

Have you ever heard of this ?

If you think you can , you are right.
If you think you can’t , you are right ” — Henry Ford

Isn’t capacity/capability is just state of mind ? Let me try to explain this through some real life examples.

My brother’s friend wanted to start his own business but he used to think that he is not capable of doing it all by himself. He would always tell himself that he is too young to start his own business and his mind would show him all the possible reasons why he cant do it. His mind showed him all the problems like lack of knowledge, financial constraints, infrastructure and above all the fear of failure. Since business wasn’t an option for him ( as he used to think) , he joined a multinational IT company in Bangalore. It was then he realized that it wasn’t something he wanted to do. He talked to my brother and me about it. We just told him one thing “if you really want to start your own business , just tell yourself that you ‘CAN’ do it and feel that you ‘CAN’ do it” . It was no less than a surprise to him that his mind started showing him all the possible ways of doing his own business. His dad decided to help him with finances. His cousin decided to help him with technical stuff and his mind freed him from the fear of failure . His “I CAN” played all the magic.


One female who was working in a multinational company got married and had kids. She wanted to work again but she used to tell herself that she CAN’T work and her mind would show her all the possible reasons why she can’t like manage cooking , taking care of kids , household stuff and what not. One day her husband met with an accident. He was bed ridden for six months. To take care of finances ,this female now decided to work and just told herself that she “CAN’ manage both work and household stuff. As the law of ” I CAN” goes, all the ways opened up and she could find a well paying ‘work from home’ job. She could very well manage both the things. Her “I CAN” again did the magic


In all the above cases , nothing else changed but the state of mind . Potential was always there but people failed to realize it. Most of us know don’t even know our real potential because we know ourselves from surface and say I CAN’T . Trust me WHENEVER you will say and think I CAN’T , your mind will show you plenty of reasons for why you cant .

So for everything you WANT to do , always say and believe that you CAN and then you don’t have to worry about anything else. Rest everything else will be taken care of by your mind and things around you. The whole universe will conspire to help to achieve it :) No doubt you will be tested time and again but only thing you will have keep saying is “I CAN” and I assure you that no force can stop from getting there then. Don’t think its a coincidence that things sometimes work out with “I CAN” but it works flawlessly all the time.

So if you want to know your “real potential” , just say “I CAN” for everything you want to do whether its becoming a doctor,becoming a pilot, learning bicycle, getting your love , starting your own company :) . You will be amazed to see the magic and your real potential.

“Your ‘I can’ is more important than your I.Q

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  1. Rajeev Gandhi says:

    Hi Shweta,
    As always, nice thoughts.

    While seemingly, positive thinking can only do good, critical thinking or open mindedness to other possibilities outside the box is equally important. It makes one more flexible, adaptive and prepared.

    I have seen and it was definitely impressive in terms of technical implementation. However, I have doubts about its commercial viability.

    Obviously, I am talking superficially and I am in no position to understand your business ideas as such. The key ingredient for marketability of a web site is the traffic. Apparently, you saw a requirement and opportunity in a web site where one could find company reviews from its employees. However, I really dont know if as many people are interested in posting reviews/going through reviews. I cant remember if any of my friends has ever been curious enough for such information. All people care is the position/role/location/compensation. Most of the times people are just happy if the above requirements are satisfied.

    Again, this are just my immediate thoughts on this business idea. I meant to say this as a well wisher. I hope I am proved wrong.


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  2. shweta Gupta says:


    Thanks for your wishes. I will let time answer your question :)

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  3. rahul says:

    ..very of luck for your venture

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  4. Navin Dutta says:

    Good Post .. A lot on the ‘i can, i cant’ theory is dependent on the way we are brought up .. since childhood we are made to believe its impossible to achieve things ..n ingrained deep within, is a fear of failing hence not to dream .. it is this fear to dream which makes us more of a hamlet of ourselves ..

    i can relate .. while we were kids we were so full of limitless possibilities .. we were not afraid to dream .. be it a toy car or a mercedez .. as we grew old we gave up that innocent feeling.. we matured .. only to realise and live with the ground reality .. dreaming of short goals.. which again ten years down the line might not survive .. losing the ‘I can’ essence .. Very rightly said “its all in your mind” .. You ll notice .. Mostly people who succeed are not those who are attractive or talented .. but those are people who are go-getters .. tigers .. who think less act more .. who can take us by surprise .. get us fooled by their unexpected moves .. n those people succeed ..coz they believe in ‘I can’ .. they continue to win .. n if they don’t .. they try again ..

    Good Luck for Criticat .. Intresting venture .. :)

    Fellow Budding Enterpreneur .. who believes in ‘I can’ ..

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  5. baniya says:

    passion for business and money making has also got to do with genes for example business community of India baniyas and marwadis are most successful people and they have the risk taking nature in their genes whereas see the southies of India like brahmins they will never take risk and job security is prime importance and hence most of them are the employed class with few expections like narayanamurthy classical example of a successful businessman and also a marwadi is laskmi mittal and also the other mittal sunil mittal another interesting fact about banaiyas and marwadis is they workship goddess of wealth laskmi to bestow more to them.

    So I don’t quite agree with your Ican theory it is limited by genes luck fate

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  6. Navin Dutta says:


    Wouldnt agree to that mr. baniya .. genes have nothing to do with business skills.. if u notice 90 % of big businesses lasts not more than 3 generations.. this wouldnt happen if it was genetic ..

    Fact is .. Unlike south india, north india has been subjected to lot more invasions, exploits and looting from time to time .. so north indians lost more frequently whatever they had or earned .. so this mutated them into people who stood up from scratch, built business, took risks again n again .. n they started believing in “I can” everytime everything it was snatched from them… n this attitude of “I can” make them better businessmen and entrepreneurs .. not because of genes .. No way !!

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  7. Piyush says:

    Thats a very constructive thought process :) and probably the best way to manifest your life for something meaningful.

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  8. Prabhu says:

    Really nice post. Made me to think if I should come back to India and continue on my failed startup idea. Just continue to stay cool and keep laughing. “Life is Beautiful”.

    Don’t care too much about revenue model etc at this point. Focus on making something usable and solves a purpose.

    You have impressed me already with your tech skills as well. So there is no doubt, you are going to make a wonder right during your first attempt.

    Keep smiling,

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  9. shweta Gupta says:

    @Rahul, @Navin, @Piyush , @Prabhu

    Thanks for your kind words :)

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  10. Naveen Pillai says:

    A guy starting a business with his dad financing n cousin taking care of technical stuff is a ridiculous example for “I can”

    A female taking a job with a bedridden husband comes out of sheer necessity not from “I can”

    All in all this is a ridiculous post and stop preaching like u have created a world changing service all out of your “I can” attitude . I dont see a business value in what you offer and please do not let your ‘I can’ blind you totally.

    “I can” means something at all and inspires people when one had failed and still doesnt stop due to fear of failure.

    The world can definitely do without such ridiculous posts

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  11. shweta Gupta says:

    @Naveen Pillai,

    The examples I cited might be inappropriate but I am glad that you got the point :)

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  12. mademoiselle says:

    @ naveen pillai
    Believing that u ‘wud’ fail equals being a practical failure. There isnt much difference between the two situations except for d apparant scenario. If d guy didnt hv enuf guts to start with d business plan, it concludes that he had already accepted his defeat. Till d time that lady didnt work when her desire was stronger than her need (to work), she was a failure in disguise. Those who try r not failures instead those who dont try at all, surely are. N thus, the ‘i can’ theory is much more befittin n vital for those who r yet to actualize their plans but dread to do so.
    By d way, i hope some personal faux pas didnt cause this huff!!
    Also, d world, (including this gal) can also do ‘very well’ without such illogical comments!
    All d best to d gal..
    n much more of d same luck to d guy!!

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  13. shweta Gupta says:

    Thanks @Mademoiselle. I appreciate it :)

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  14. AJ says:

    Some people have thousands of reason why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can…

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  15. krats says:

    I do agree that the “I can” philosophy is perfect if the risk involved is minimal. If there is a lot of risk involved in your actions, blindly going by the “I can” philosopjy might not be advisable. Sometimes you have to back out. The sailors of Andrea Gail also followed the “We can” philosophy to try and sail through a storm and get back home to Massacheusetts so that their catch remains fresh. They never reached home :) . Sometimes in life, you need to be smarter than that.

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  16. lisa roos says:

    If you are driven you will succeed and do not let anyone bring you down find people that are in line with your way of thinking or get rid of them if they are not. You can be whatever you want to be and in a positive and productive manner! Good luck!

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  17. Meeta says:

    Hi Shweta,

    You have written about ‘i can’ ll help you to become what ever we want, Doctor,Pilot anything.But suppose if i take the example of becoming a doctor, only for the Entrance coaching it costs 60 thousand to 1 lakh rupees per year if one fellow has a desire or say “i can” mindset and prepares for 2 years and hes not able to achieve the same and then he crosses his age limit not able to appear again being from a middle class family, he has to loose money, age (2 years )which is very important for both his carrer and his family too.
    Here i want to say is some times we know the thoughts the theories, but everytime it won’t work.

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  18. @ Mr. Navin Pillai:

    If You Don’t Want To Read Than Close The Tab Of Your Browser, But Don’t Just Spread Negativity With Your Words…

    @Shweta: Good Work, Keep Writing.. :)

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