Detecting the invisible users on Yahoo messenger

I have at times loved to be in invisible mode on Yahoo messenger and chat with people as per my convenience. Last week I was in invisible mode at 7 am in the morning and one window popped up ” Hey Shweta, how are you” . I asked that friend of mine “How do you always know when I am online ? ” . She replied ” xeeber. Its Wink ” .

Detect invisible users on

I checked out the site and wow you just need to type the user id of the person and tells you the status of the user whether its online, offline or invisible. Being in invisible mode on yahoo has been a handy thing which will no more be the case. I am not sure how accurate is this site but I did little bit testing and it seems to do a decent job.Looks like no matter how many locks you make , someone will make the key. I know there are quite a few softwares like buddyspy that do that the same thing but I would expect people to be lazy enough to download the software to check the online status of their buddies.

I still wonder how these people do it. With such tools, features like stealth settings have no use.

Well now if you feel like working without getting disturbed with barrage of ims then better be offline than in invisible mode.

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  1. Anomalize says:

    That just mean that messenger OPI has issues :-)

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  2. Sangfroid says:

    Pretty cool .. i’ll say but it would have been so much better if given a Y! id, it lists all invisivle users in the friends list. I believe xeeber folks are working on it :-)

    You’ve got a nice blog … i’ll keep coming back!

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  3. LOL says:

    Here is another site, but I think it better than :

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  4. jeseem says:

    gud tip. i never knew about it ..

    now i better be offline

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  5. Ajay says:

    Hey sweta ..
    Thanks a lot. I was looking for so long abut this script.


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  6. CompuWorld says:

    great work. something which I was searching for years. Got to your site from labnol and yous blog seems to be great stuff.
    Will keep coming back..

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  7. Other way to see your yahoo contacts logged-in in invisible mode, is adding them to the Windows Live Messenger. Which also doesn’t understand yahoo messenger offline mode yet.


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  8. mcloein says:

    Please Visite My Blog:

    New Software And tools and serials and cracks….


    Computers Tips


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  9. Meet "Punjabi Munda" says:

    Hey sweta ..
    Thanks a lot. I was looking for so long abut this script, but..these days..i facing a problem with xeeber. now days it has some problem. it is not showing status of any Yahoo ID properly


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  10. Alex says:

    Xeeber has not been working properly since 10 days ago, but same applies for where it says that “will be back soon”… Is there any other program we may use to see the status of an ID ?
    Thanks fellows!

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  11. aliraza says:

    hi thanx if u give me some more site. xeeber is good not that much.

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  12. alireza says:

    great tips , and
    you can find yahoo status (online , oflline , invisible) in this site too Yahoo invisible detector it’s works great.

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  13. Amit says:

    @All: is one more option :)

    @Shweta: Are we turning into online paparazzi by following our online contacts ;-)

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  14. Hey, Shweta,
    just want to tell u that the link is not working. Have u put here the right url.

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  15. zendo says:

    Xeeber not working anymore .. but you can try

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  16. Alonso says:

    For yahoo status check and detect i use Yahoo Status Scan . It’s the best yahoo invisible checker!And it has a new feature!

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  17. Buzzu says:

    Check this great Yahoo invisible scanner with a lot of functionalities!

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  18. I use Yahoo Scan which is not very popular, but it’s stable and never busy. I’m happy with it.

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  19. gazduire web says:

    most of the sites don’t work… anyone knows how to write a decent detector script?

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  20. hailua says:

    Detect yahooID invisible. 100% correct.

    Check multi-yahooID. Just one click!

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  21. Tom says:

    Hello ppl, I tryed a lots of websites for yahoo invisible check, and now I use , is working perfectly for me.

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  22. hunter says:

    try this its works like rocking, detect invisible yahoo buddys real status at

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  23. Roberto says:

    I prefer using my old yahoo invisible detector which is . It is a good scanner which works for more then 1 year now, and i trust it.

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  24. noname says: you can check invisible so accurately , quickly and see avatar

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  25. george says:

    i use . i think this is the best yahoo invisible detector

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  26. Waka says:

    Some of these sites don’t work anymore :( Time for me to share so here’s another yahoo invisible site good to have a list incase some go down.

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  27. VaZzaYe says: it’s the bast yahoo invisible scanner. 100% accurate

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  28. Dennes says:

    The best Yahoo Invisible Detector scanner 100% accurate.

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  29. here is a another one!! hi5 profile also displayed! you can check multiple Id-s same in the same time!

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  30. Xpl0si0n says:

    i use it’s the best yahoo invisible detector.try it ;)

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  31. aamdrr says:

    to detect invisible yahoo status go to

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  32. Xeeber says:


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  33. bboy says:

    Another useful website, it can:
    - Check the status: online, invisible, offline
    - View and download avatar
    - Add nick
    - Send the message
    - View the profile
    - 100% correct, never busy

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  34. vinayak says:

    Many scripts are available online which detects your yahoo login status online.
    check out

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  35. Ifham khan says:

    Hey cool tips lol my frnds got caught by me

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  36. sadsac says:

    Here is another invisible scanner it is a very simple and helpfull tool

    to detect invisible users.

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  37. Glenn Rides says:

    Wonderful report, thanks for putting up this, I have been wanting to establish this precise out and about

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