Criticat- My first venture, is out of the tunnel !

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on my venture for past three months. Finally the first product is out of the tunnel. You can check it out at Criticat is a platform where you can share your workplace experiences and rate your employer. I had following two things in mind when I was developing this application

  • When someone decides to shift jobs, they are looking at various factors – work environment, job security, work-life balance, salary, etc. Such information is very hard to glean. Often, people would love to know more about their prospective employer. Who better to tell you about the company, than its employees? Criticat provides a platform to help bring this information out in the open.
  • When you are into job, there are lot of things which you can improve by letting you employer know about it. Suppose lot of employees feel that they are being micro-managed, QA process is not in place, working hours are not feasible They can advice their employer about the same. Each employer understands that “people” is the most important resource of their organization. Employer will surely look into the problems being faced by majority of their employees. Yes there there forums inside each company still transparency is missing. Criticat provides a platform where you can advice your employer as Criticat believes that your critique can set things right.

Criticat will help you make the right move in your career. You can read more about it here

Criticat is still evolving. I would love to hear your suggestions, your ideas , your feedback as it will help Criticat get better and better :)

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6 Responses to Criticat- My first venture, is out of the tunnel !

  1. Rupali says:

    Congratulation Shweta !! You did it . Your site looks great and very professional.

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  2. Rajeev Gandhi says:

    Hi Shweta,
    Many congrats on this successful launch. Just out of curiosity, was this accomplished in 2.5 months only? How many team members did you need to implement the whole stuff including the business analysis, creative design, tech design, implementation etc? I hope I am not asking too much on your blog but how does the economics (revenue model) of this idea look so far?

    technical: all the latest cool stuff used: php, drupal, ajax, mysql, url rewriting etc
    functional: the content and the presentation is pretty neat.
    I tried without luck doing some XSS injection to see I could encroach. But it seems pretty secure.

    Looks pretty professional. Pretty impressive pace by any standards if I guessed right!

    Best regards,

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  3. Shankar says:

    Commenting late on this –

    This is a great idea. But your linked in subscription could be, “could be” seen as a conflict of interest if ever they’re going to buy your company !

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  4. Shweta Gupta says:


    Thanks for giving the feedback. Yes it was achieved in 2.5 months, infact little less than that . We were two of us doing all the stuff. For now revenue model is ad-based however I have other plans too going forward. Once again thanks for the appreciation.

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  5. Shweta Gupta says:


    I am not able to understand how its gonna be conflicting with linkedin subscription . I look at it as a complimentary service for linkedIn.

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  6. Rahul Jain says:

    well site potrays gr88 wrk, especially i luvd the Ajax based search in each of the four sections..
    But, i feel there is lack of excitement in the website, when click on one of the main tabs, u are let down because some how i feel a user is usually reluctant to use the SEARCH Option..
    And y not display shouts on frontpage itself, you do have space for that too..

    Lastly, i particularly liked that Company Rating Feature its very nice!!

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