Science behind positive thinking

I have always been reading and hearing people saying “Think positive” . Yes I do think positive but I never knew the exact reason why one shud think positive. I think positive because it makes me feel better. This is how I look at it. Suppose there are two people aspiring to reach their destinations. THey both start at a point A and have to get to point B. One of them is very positive about the results and the other one is all pessimistic about the results. In most of the cases we spend like 90% of the time to get to the destination and stay at the destination for like 10% of the time and then the next journey begins. One who is thinking positive about the destination is all happy during the journey. His mind just knows that it will gets what it wants. He is cheerful all the time. The negative person is continously telling himself “i wont be able to get to the destination, there are so many problems in life , Life sucks”. At this point none of them knws for sure whether they will get to their destination. But the positive person had made 90% of his life already HAPPY . It doesnt matter whether he will get to the destination, he has already succeeded. Lets see how Mr Negative is doing . He is thinking only about negative things. His 90% of life is already screwed thinking crap and negative thoughts about the destination. Now even if he gets to his destination, he is a failure. So by thinking positive you can surely make 90% of your life better if not 100%.
I knew all this but what I didn’t know was the Law Of Affinity, which says similar incidents attract each other. One who is thinking positive is attracting only positive incidents like meeting some nice peple on the way, beautiful things and more learning. This negative person is having all negative thoughts and attracting similar negative incidents like flat tire, accidents and other unpleasant events which makes his belief stronger that Life sucks.

Sometimes I used to have arguments with some pessimist people . They would say that I think positive because my life has been full of positive events and I havnt seen many hardships in my life. They think negative because of what they have seen in their lives. People have left comments on one of the posts saying the same thing. I used to think “Yes they are right. Probably I have seen mostly positive things in my life so I am a positive person” . Now I realize that I was not thinking positive because positive things happen in my life instead I think positive so I attract positive incidents and life has been all full of positive events. Either the incident was positive or my way of looking at it was positive. Both the things make life beautiful. Everybody gets his share of problems and happiness. But when we face some problem in life like loss of job, loss of a dear one and we continuously think of these negative events of our life we are indeed attracting more such negative incidents making our life worse. This is the reason that people who crib like ” I have no money, I dont have a good job , my life sucks , my partner doesnt love me ” continue to attract negative incidents and continue to crib throughout their lives.
This is not some philosphy but there is whole science behind this law of affinity. I dont want to stretch this post but the words you say has lotta impact on how you feel and what incidents you are attracting. You have no idea how much power the words you speak have. When you say “I m tired ” , that itself saps off your energy. When you says “Not doing grt man ” , smile goes off fro your face .When you say “Life sucks” , it indeed start sucking. When I say “Life is Beautiful” , it INDEED becomes beautiful.
Even today I cant think of ONE GOOD REASON why one should think negative or say negative words. For some people positive thinking comes naturally but other can always and always make concious effort to think positive and hence make life more beautiful.

Life is beautiful and will always be :)

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  1. ricky says:

    absolutely true!!! jus one question, have u ever experienced attracting positive ppl in ur life whn u were in d worst phase of ur life, i mean whn u were at d peak of pessimisim??? n vice-versa???

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  2. Ricky,
    I dont remember attracting particular kinda ppl in my life ..It was kinda mix of both ..Or may be I was but I never realized it

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  3. Ramesh says:

    Well…thinking positive absolutely good…but those mountains of optimism should always be cognizant that there’s just a hairline demarcation between arrogance and confidence…

    I used to say “Never take life as it comes, make it as u want.” Now I just say the first part…the rest has gotten blown away in reality….

    My take…think positive, act with optimism, but you’ve to accept your share of negatives. So once in a while, thinking negative doesnt hurt. Sometimes, it makes you prepare for the worst.

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  4. simmi says:

    Very nice way of thinking…the atmosphere around each one of us brings a cluster of thoughts .. now it depends on you what your mind picks up…?

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  5. Ramesh,

    I completely agree with you …Its always good to do it once in a while :)

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  6. Gaurav jain says:

    Great thinking, down to earth vision. I love the way you put up your thoughts.

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  7. Rahul Khanna says:

    Today I learnt a wonderful lesson from your blog. It was nice reading it.

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  8. Akash says:

    A person who think negative at some point of time are more sensitive to the emotion of self well being rather than accepting tough reality of the situation. This sensitivity to self well being became milder over a period time in wake of struggles and experiences once life has to offer,as time passes by one must have become more pragmatic and less negative. Apart, sometimes great tragedy and series of bad event unknowingly immerse person in sea of negative thought which put them in situation where he or she either confront or perish in negativity.Confrontation to negativity only possible if he or she became stoic towards events happening in their life. Strength for this stoic nature comes from spirituality and rumination on crunch situtaions. I hope my thoughts about dealing with negativity find its fuels in receptive minds. Its a great topic to discuss as its required in present world.

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  9. Hi Shweta, I was surfing through Orkut today (just joined) and found your page & this link somehow!

    The science behind positive thinking … that’s an interesting question. I’d agree that enjoying life/having more energy and affinity/attraction are important parts of it.

    As Zig Ziglar (motivational speaker) says, “You find what you’re looking for”, which is generally true. If you’re looking for a reason to fail, you’ll find it, but if you’re looking for a way to keep going, you’ll find that.

    So there’s something to this idea of attraction/affinity. Positive thinking/PMA also certainly helps your energy level, which is so important.

    Beyond that, though, I’d say that positive thinking helps counter one of the most insidious problems of human nature, a tendency toward risk aversion and short-sighted thinking in terms only of avoiding loss, rather than opportunity cost.

    There have been a number of experiments that show humans will forego a much larger gain in order to avoid a loss, even though this isn’t really rational behavior.

    Positive thinking helps provide that “nudge” we need to think in terms of good things/positive outcomes that can happen, rather than just avoiding negative outcomes. In this way, life no longer remains a zero-sum game.

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  11. vimoh says:

    Glad to have found your blog. Glad you left that link on my post. I like! Am subscribing.

    I see the sub-conscious mind as an invisible genie. Always standing right behind us. It has immense power and will do whatever we ask of it.

    After that, it boils down to what we ask. Tricky bit is, we are always asking, whether we know it or not. Through our words, attitudes and whines.

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  12. margaret says:

    Well to hear from your blog. very interesting.very positive and I agree with what you say.

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  13. Ashwin TS says:

    mind blowing! its true that its all in the mind. this world is a mixture of positive and negative energies; and, we get what we look for.

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  15. Satyakumar says:

    Hi Shweta,
    Its Nice discussion..
    I would like to share my real life experiance on positive thinking and with that how succes comes.
    I started my carrier as VLSI engineer, initially it was big dispointment..I never got the work which I am interested…it went on for a year then I joined in a start up..hoping that it will give good success….I was put in project where I was the only person responsible for every thing what ever I do…it generally happens in startups.
    Infact its very tough to handle for me…..lot of problems and too much complexity…and lot of failures… every time I face a problem……I used to think why it won’t work straight away…….I was clearly in negative thinking…..then every time I start testing my design I used to think it will not work….and really to my surprise it din’t worked… I lost my confidence and interest in my work as well…….and it degraded my way of thinking/attitude. I used to think I don’t have the capability to make things work, I decided to quit my Job.

    But before that, I have to make proper reasoning for “why I am going to take this bold step”

    I just started thinking what went wrong…

    1.) First I don’t have complete exposure on what the company is inteded to do, it happens in startups and some times the mangers doesn’t know. I clearly lack the experiance.. experiance to forecast the problem, experiance to solve problem..and I belived on others.
    “Don’t belive the people easily, unless they are expertise in their field which you are expecting”

    With out proper knowledge
    2.) The expectation of the people around me is quite high, which is beyond my capabilities..
    People loose their proper thinking with too much greediness to procure mental/physical pleasures.
    Its refelected in their decisions.
    I became the victim here.

    3.) The big mistake I did is, when ever I failed I pointed my self… I used to think I created the problem… but failed to analyze root cause of the problem when ever it arises..

    I decided to rectify my mistakes before I take any bold step.

    During this time, the first thing I come across is “No one in the company as no clear idea how they are going to make product” So, they pushed the risk factor but expecting end result.
    “to expect and to take risk are mutually dependent”
    Generally circumstances will effect the people thinking/attitude
    I couldn’t able to change the circumstances but I moved it away from me just by making people realize.

    Next step is to solve the problem, for that I need to understand it, I did it even though its beyond my capabilities.
    “If there is will there is always a way”

    I made good success this way, only with positive thinking.. and I didn’t quit the Job.

    The people attitude/thinking will be effected by circumstances, so, don’t start the journey from such cirmustances.
    Circumstances cannot change unless we move away from it, and by taking risk it happens.

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  16. Vidyasagar says:

    Shweta… I’m fida…. awesome blog yaar!! I totally agree with you..

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  17. Anu says:

    Hey Shweta,

    Was searching for something and happened to come across your blog.
    You are full of positive attitude and have a wonderful way of reasoning on things.

    Your post on science behind positive thinking is very convincing and actually if one tries to analyse one would be able to relate it with his/her incidences in life.But i wont say that it would always work that way.There are situations in life however positive u try to think ,things dont get better.But thats life.

    An awesome blog!!

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  18. Gopal says:

    Excellent writing it will help a lot to get rid of many negetive thoughts :-)

    Thanks shweta :-) keep writing and let us read ….!!!

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  19. Meeta says:

    To think positive one should have good reasons behind them. We cant blame people who thinks negative,because may be they have gone through some worst situation in life which is not giving them the strength to think positive. But what they can do is they can try to convince and go ahead for positive thinking. I would like to give a example as When somebody is asking you How are you? Never say “Ya it is going on, ok”
    Just try to reply “I am wonderful, or doing Great”, It gives you a positive Energy, I promise you can feel it.It will be a small step towards Positive Thinking.

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  20. hemeshwari says:

    hii shwetaji,its true whatever u say. i am also a very positive attitude girl and say every1 to b really makes everything beautiful.keep it u.take care.

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  21. RAVI says:

    this is entique ,,,one of its kind via blogs,,,,.i was searching for some spiritual thoughts on net and i saw ur blog,,,wondering of my stuff.i thought i might get here,,,not totally relevent wid ma search bt more fruitful then that,,,,which i knw for sure it is!!!! i wanted dat to upload dat onto my facebook status,,bt they provides very few characters than this blog of nw it will surely b uploaded in my mind for ever till eternity..
    !!!!!!!!!!high five to u!!!!!!!!!!

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  22. Pooja says:

    Hi Shwetha

    I just got introduced to u r blog, while i was googling on motivational/inspirational articles… i liked u r posts .. i enjoy reading those :)


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  23. himanshu says:

    Just i can say i loved it reading the post and i 2 have the same thinking .
    u are doing a grate job .
    can i join with you in some such activities .

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  24. Elisa Wong says:

    Dear Shweta, that is a very good way of putting it across. In the past, I don’t really think much of positive thinkers other than the fact that they always seem so cheerful. I am quite a pessimistic person by nature, perhaps it could be genetic? My mum is terribly worrisome. Positive thinking does make a person happier, and in the process of it, attracts positive people and positive events to his/her life (as mentioned in your post). This is my new resolution for this new year 2013! :D

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