Are you happy with your job ???

I never knew how it feels not being happy with your work till I was working for Yahoo but as they say nothing is permanent but change, I left Yahoo and moved back to India. Yes, it was a big move. I had few problems getting used to this change. As my brother says “What differentiates human beings from Dinosaurs is adapability” , I adapted myself once again and I was fine :) . I got used to everything like traffic, climate , system but not to the professional world here. I had pretty bad experiences with the companies here during interview process itself. I had offers from IBM, Google , Gauavus but I finally decided to join Tribal fusion. Its an ad-network company. This company was nice but somehow I was never happy there. I never felt that satisfaction with my work. Everyday I used to have crib sessions with my parents. I told my manager and even the CEO that I was not happy with my work. No action was taken till I told them that I want to resign. Now it was too late. I had two options: either like what I am doing or do what I like . First option was no more an option then. I could have joined some other company but it was pretty likely that I will again feel the lack of professionalism and might not be happy with my work.

I have seen two extreme cases. In Yahoo, I was so happpy with my work that I would never think of leaving that job. In tribal fusion, I was never happy with my work.I had some special attachment with Yahoo. Even today I feel very strongly about Yahoo. Even today I read everything about Yahoo. Even today I feel very happy when Yahoo does well. In tribal fusion I got attached to the people there but could never get attached to the company. May be because it was a short span. On my last day in Tribal Fusion, I was somehow very happy unlike my last day in Yahoo. Now I realize how important it is to be happy with your work since we spend most of the time there. It really affects your mood. If you are happy with your work , your productivity automatically goes up. However if you dont feel good about your work your enthu,energy, productivity goes down which is not at all good for you and for your company.Money is definitely important but equally important is that you feel happy and you dont have a sad face when you reach your work place.

I talked to quite a few people as to what they feel about their work. Most of them are not happy with what they are doing but unfortunately they don’t know what will make them happy. Its like they dont like what they do and also dont know what they like to do. We start feeling thats how life doing a job is.I am glad that I knew what I would like to do. Since I had only one option left i.e do what I like, I decided to start my own venture. Right now I am developing a web-appilication.I started off small. Hopefully it will grow big with time :) . It was again a big move. Its altogether a different feeling. Its great working for yourself. There are lotta risks involved. But I look at it as a fool-proof game. There are good chances that it will work out and even if it doesnt work out, I would have learnt a lot in the whole process and then job opportunities will be there as they are now. At this point I don’t know about the destination(Success or failure) but I will surely enjoy the journey. Since now I am doing what I like I dont get tired easily :)
There are lots of people who want to start something on their own but mostly its the fear of failure that stops them. We are somehow scared to come out of our comfort zone.We often get plagued by questions like “How will I manage my finances? ” , “What if I fail ? ” , ” Will I be able to get a job again ? ” , ” Can I really do it ?” , “Is it worth it ? ” . I am very glad that I could leave behind all these questions and could finally start something.

Are YOU happy with your job ???????

“Best you can do is to give your best”

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  1. rajeev gandhi says:

    Hi Shweta, I am a subscriber to your blog and i quite enjoy the way you keep assessing things and create a nice philosophy out of it (no pun intended)

    I want to wish you all the very best in your new undertaking.

    best regards,

    “Search is more important than the destination”

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  2. Girish says:

    Good luck Shweta!! I’m agree with what you’ve written here. One needs to be serious about the venture and there is nothing like failure, it’s just an absense of success. That’s it.


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  3. Pawan says:

    Hi Shweta,
    I have observed, that you have a very practical extensive Vision, with highly confident & determined person & having practical approach.
    I believe ,that you will definetely achive your goals.Go ahead.
    All the best,
    Pawan Khandelwal
    “Life is so small to Complain”

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  4. Daniel says:

    Good write up !!I would say that you are really lucky to be doing what you wana do.. All the best

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  5. Talwar says:

    It needs lot of courage to start your own venture.Its good to see someone doing it. I hope it will inspire lot of other ppl to do the same. Good luck

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  6. Mayank mehta says:

    Your blog is very inspiring ..I had grt time reading it ..I look forward to reading more of what you write..Keep blogging

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  7. Pankaj says:


    You write really well .. It would be great if you write more frequently :) …Its grt to see someone starting her own venture. My wishes are with you ..You will do great with this attitude of yours

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  8. Nice summarization of the plunge into entrepreneurship.. I feel that these are the special moments in life when you know what you want (and also know that the other-side is safer) and move towards it.. still waiting for mine..


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  9. Reading ur posts is always a refreshing experience, Wuld like to have a talk with you sometime, can you mail me your contact number. mine is 09990674146


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  10. amrita says:

    its really nice to read about you, but if one is not sure about how to start, then what to do? further there is also a fear of falling depression trap

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  11. senapaty says:

    wonder why did not choose google.
    Tribalfusion ads bug pcs without adblock program

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  12. vivek says:

    it nice time reading your blog.
    i love it ……..keep blogging frequently…

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  13. Deepthi says:

    Very True…Job Satisfaction play major role-personally and must enjoy doing their job…

    All The Best for your new assignments!!!!

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  14. Bharat Verma says:

    Very much impressed by your simple worded blogging skills actually you have taken out the thought that is lying somewhere inside me for my first company I also feel the same as you do for “yahoo” … its pretty much obvious that with money work satisfaction is equally important.

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