Thinking about problem vs thinking about solution

There are lot of times when things change in our life. One day we have something and the other day, its gone.

Whenever problems come in our life , the following two categories of people act/react differently

1) Category 1 : They will keep on cribbing as to why problem has occurred
2) Category 2 : They realize that the problem has occurred and think about the best solution for that problem

People in category 1 keep on thinking about the problem while the people in category 2 realize the problem and think only about the solution.

Lets consider a situation and see how people in both categories in act/react in those situations

  • On losing your job

People on category 1 will keep on thinking like ” Why only me ?? What bad have I done to other people ? How will I manage my expenses ? What will happen to my family ?? How will I face my friends? What I get fired from next job also? “

People in category 2 will be thinking like ” Now that this job is gone, I have to take care of my expenses, family and other stuff. Its time to find another job as soon as possible. I should talk to my friends if they know of any job openings. This time I should take care that I don’t make the same mistakes which I did in my last job. Its time to move on.

While the people in category 1 think of tough situations as problems, people in category 2 think of the tough situation as opportunity, opportunity to learn, learn from your mistakes and situation. This reminds me of my manager who always used to say “Think more about the solutions than problems” . Infact never call anything situation as a problem but a challenge or an opportunity. You can always try it and you will see that whenever you think about problem you feel negative while thinking about solution makes you feel positive and more energetic

Its not easy to be in category 2. Its easier said than done but its not something you can’t do. Its part of your attitude towards life which if practiced can surely be changed.

Do you belong to category 1 or category 2 ? If you belong to category 1 then its never too late to move to category 2. I am also practicing to be in category 2 :)

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2 Responses to Thinking about problem vs thinking about solution

  1. Arvind Venugopal says:

    One of the best philosophical message that i have read

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  2. Parth says:

    Very True!
    Commendable!!! :)

    Thank you 4 the beautiful message you portrayed.

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