The real reason of getting tired!!

Have you ever wondered as to what makes you tired ?

Physical work? Mental work or the work which you don’t like? If you think about it you will realize that its the interest with which you do the work that determines how tired you feel after doing that work.

Suppose you are asked to write an assignment in your school or document in your office, you feel tired after doing it. Have you ever feel tired if you write a letter to your loved ones ?? Have you ever feel tired if you write an email to your beloved ??

Little physical work at your work place/school makes you feel tired but playing your favorite sport like football, tennis or skiing which requires much more energy doesn’t make you feel that tired.

Reading your course books makes you feel tired but you can read your favorite novel for hours and hours..

Feeling tired is in your mind. When you are doing things of your interest, your energy level automatically increases and you don’t feel tired. Whenever we have to do something which we dont like, our mind makes us feel that we are getting tired. This is the reason why people who do what they like or like what they do, perform better in their lives.

Things which you like to do are called “want tos” and which you don’t like to do but have to do are called “have tos” .

So what should you do so that you dont feel tired easily?? Probably like what you do or don’t do what you don’t like i.e increase your ‘want tos” and reduce your “have tos”. Being a social animal you can’t completly get rid of
“have tos” but you can always reduce them. Also if there are no ” have tos” then you won’t value the “wants tos”. Its like you will never value weekends if there were no weekdays.

Are you feeling tired now? :)

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6 Responses to The real reason of getting tired!!

  1. vips says:

    good one… next time i feel tired, i will remember this… kinna sounds practical… in some situations

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  2. Madan Gupta says:

    Hi Sweta,

    I really like your blog on real reason of getting tired. I think it is true in our lives. I keep looking article which can improve our life. Thanks for posting your blog on this subject.


    madan gupta

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  3. Gina says:

    I’m getting tired of working, life is hard!!!

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  4. I am feeling very fresh after reading this article on reasons of getting tired. The moral of the story is that whenever you do any thing which you like, you will never get tired. Thanks Shweta for such a nice article..

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  5. venkat says:

    Very good article, i was really feeling tired so searched net for reason and i got it.


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