Flickr’s Xmas easter egg for me !!

Saksham(My nephew) and Sanya(my niece) both showing their excitement for christmas.

Saksham and Sanya with chrismas cap
Now its me trying to be Santa with my teddy-Fantum :)

You can also wear Santa’s cap or make your loved ones wear it jus by doing “ho ho ho cap “ . Its So simple :) .Flickr has got an awesome Xmas easter-egg: if you add a photonote called “ho ho ho hat,” Flickr draws a Santa-hat on your pic; make one called “ho ho ho beard” and you get a snowy white beard. However if I try to fetch a flickr pic through flickr’s api , cap and beard disappears ( I have no clue why ? :( )

Merry Christmas To Everybody !!!

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2 Responses to Flickr’s Xmas easter egg for me !!

  1. neha says:

    Hey Girl , you are looking damn cute in your santa dress and so are Saksham n Sanya :)

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  2. jeseem says:

    u should hav tried the Santa beard in you pic, would have given u a perfect Santa look :P

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