Are guys better at driving, parking and directions than gals ??

parrarel parking
So are guys better at driving,parking and directions than gals?? Interesting question huh? To me also it sounds pretty interesting…More interesting would be the answers to this question. From guys I expect to hear a unanimous “YES”. Before you guys make any opinion, whatever I am gonna write about it has been my experience with my circle of friends and ppl around which might not be true for everybody ….

Well till some time back I used to feel I am pretty bad at parking and directions and then after seeing my female friends in US I was enlightened to know that most of the girls are like that and I am much better than others :P …I had few interesting incidents regarding the same

  • My car had only two scratches both while parking my car. I hate to admit that today also I am not very comfortable with parallel parking. If I have the address then it was easier to get there with my GPS but if I don’t have the address then Boy!!. I remember How Geetha was bored of telling me way to the same restaurant more than three times.
  • My roomie Sweta has two BIGG scratches again while parking in our apartment’s allocated space. Sometimes she used to take two parking slots coz of her great parking skills ( I hope she wont kill me for writing this). If you talk to her, she can speak at length on my GREAT parking skills too :P . I must praise her direction sense and memory though. Everytime she has to go to Valeco mall, she ll call me ans ask ” Shweta , how to get to Valeco mall ? ”
  • My frnd Mona again had scratches , all due to bad parking . Poorva and her roomie were no exception. It was funny how we used to get lost. Thank God I had GPS from the beginning ..With GPS also I have done some blunders though. Mona was famous for getting lost. Her one hand used to be on the steering wheel and other busy with cell phone , asking for direction. Finally Mona had to get a GPS for herself.
  • In our group we used to make so much fun if anybody would fail in “Behind the wheel test” . Nobody in our group cleared it in one go including guys. Mona was soo scared that she took the test, failed and didn’t tell anybody about the test till she cleared it. There used to be a party if you clear the test.
  • Poorva knew everything with reference to Elcamino, so If you ask her to come somewhere then she ll first go to Elcamino and then to the actual place. Poorva was pretty scared of freeways. Once she entered a freeway and when she realized she s there , she simple pulled over and called her roomie to drive her back. If she has to enter a freeway or take a exit then she wanted everybody to turn back and check the traffic and she ll inform everybody saying ” Hey, I am taking exit. Please turn back to see the traffic no” .

These were only some of the few interesting things that happened. It was funny how we used to make fun of each other’s driving, parking and directions. BTW I am not that bad at it ;) . With time ,we frnds started believing if someone is not driving properly then it would be a female. I know its funny. Once all of us were going , someone was driving weird and all of us said ” Look at HER, she is driving so weird” without even confirming if it was a female. When we checked it was a female :P

I am not saying Guys are great at it . Great example is Abu , who drove his Honda S2000 only on central expressway for more than 1 yr as he was pretty scared of other routes. His parking is awesome too. Ajit is another example. I have never seen him driving without his GPS.

Following is an interesting test to check your parking skills
How is your parking???

It was all for fun. I know lotta girls who are pretty good at driving , parking and directions and guys who are pretty bad at it. But on an average I have seen guys better at driving and directions. These are few interesting comments mainly by guys on a similar kinda post

  • “its a fact that men have better depth perception then women. it’s only natural that they would be better at parking a car, if they can better gauge how close they are to objects around them.
    now if a woman were to drive a fancy lexus that told her exactly how many feet she was from any said object, obviously she’d park a lot better :P
  • “On TLC I saw a program about the differences between the sexes, one of the things they talked about was parallel parking. they said that during their tests women and men did about the same, except it took the women on average 2 minutes longer to do the parking. They said that men on average have better spacial abilities (we were in fact better at getting ourselves unlost! woohoo!)
    They also said that women are much better at multitasking. they could cook a meal, clean a room and do laundry all at once while they guy only managed to get the laundry done. (this was the testing they did, i’m not trying to imply that women shouldn’t be let out of the house or something…I think you would find the same thing if you look at a business environment, men probably get stuck finishing a single project while women get a bunch of other thing accomplished in the same time)
    very interesting. I think people need to be more open to the FACT that men and women are different, we both do somethings things better, and some thing worse. thats why we work so well as a team.
    …though this game was pretty sexist i though ;) good times though!”
  • “My ex girlfriend can’t park. Anytime she drove she would stop the car and I would have to get in the drivers seat to park the car.”
  • “Men only get into accidents while avoiding stupid maneuvers by Women drivers. Usually the Woman continues driving off without realising the carnage she has caused behind her, while the man having avoided the woman’s car has ended up in crashing his car into something else.
    I know this woman driver who stops suddenly in the road because she is overcautious and people have crashed into the back of her. She said to me “it’s really bad, because people keep crashing into the back of me, it’s happened 5 times already (over 3 years), we really have bad drivers around here.” – NO! if it’s happened to you 5 times, either ALL 5 of the other drivers are bad or there must be something with your driving!”
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3 Responses to Are guys better at driving, parking and directions than gals ??

  1. ajitomatix says:

    hey! that’s comment is totally not fair.

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  2. jeseem says:

    so finally atleast one girl admits, that girls are bad at driving. I always thought girl drove bad, cause they were on cellphones. guess it is the other way round :)
    i guess elcamino is lot safer now with u not around. hehehe

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  3. niki says:

    hiya some girls are better at driving then lads xx

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