How India has changed in past few years !

india gate
Its been almost three months now since I have moved from US to India. As a habit, I keep on observing lot of things around me and try to analyse them. Some of these things make me happy , some sad and some of them just amuse me. There is no doubt that there have been huge improvements in India in the past four years especially in the metropolitan cities. People are predicting that if India continues to grow at this rate then it will soon be world power number 3.

Now let me start with the things which make me sad so that I can talk about happy things at the end to have a happy ending ;) . Since I stay near Delhi so I be talking mainly about Delhi and near by areas

:( :( :(
* Crazy traffic
: I used to drive in US a lot . I tried driving here and couldn’t handle the crazy traffic and have given up for now. People( including educated ones) don’t have patience at all. Nobody wants to wait. They get so much fun in honking for no reason , probably to have a musical drive. May be they want to make sure that their horns are working properly. If some sensible person tries to be nice and doesn’t honk, he will be abused by ppl behind him and they would say things like ” Abbe dhakkan hai kya ? Chal aage”( Are you a fool. Move fast !!). When I looked at the following video in US, I thought it an over exaggeration but its not in places like Delhi and NCR.

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