How much information is too much for social networking sites like Orkut, facebook!!

These days almost eveybody is using one or the other social networking sites like Orkut, Myspace, Facebook. I use orkut extensively. I use social networking site for social networking, to keep in touch with friends , for fun. How the information you put up on your proflle is used by employers, school administration is interesting. Following is a pretty neat article regarding the same

Should you go offline ???
How the Web Could Kill Your Next Job Interview

After reading the above articles, you ll realize if you should really be using these sites, how much information is too much to put there, How different people will interpret this information. I often get emails saying ” Dont put any pics on your profile as they might be used on illegal sites” . I dont know how true it is.

Pretty interesting though.. You never know what other people are upto. By just following your scraps, one can find whats going on in your life if you put too much info in scraps. I dont think one should stop using these sites but one should know of all the possible things that can happen by putting your personal information there.

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3 Responses to How much information is too much for social networking sites like Orkut, facebook!!

  1. jeseem says:

    interesting n true.
    ofcourse it is not advisable to put anything personal in networking site or in blog for that matter.

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  2. Hey Shweta, thanks for linking to my blog.

    Of course you have to note that not only bad things can come from putting your information out there. As long as you are careful about what you write, you can actually use the information to your advantage.

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  3. Mohammad I completely agree with you.. Ppl like you n me will always have advantage ;) ..Jus kidding :)

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