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If you start reading blogs, you will see one blog talking about another blog, second blog talking about the third one and so on . So there will never be shortage of content to blog on because people can blog on each others blog :) . I also observed one such interesting example


Paul’s post blogs on Jeremey’s blog which further blogs on Donna’s blog . You should read all three blogs, pretty interesting ones. Both Jeremy and Donna are making each other popular. Now people like me also know who Donna is. Now its quite possible that there are cycles in blogs too. I agree that I added one more node to this linked list.

Friends, dont be surprised, if a new company starts up with some blog-ranking alogorithm with a dream to be acquired by Yahoo/Google. This is how blog-ranking algorithm would work ;) :

* Blogs which are blogged more by other blogs get higher rank
* Blogs which have more comments get higher rank.
* Bloggers who appear more in others’ blogroll get higher rank

Interesting huh? :)

In interviews you might be asked questions like ” How to detect cycles in blogs ?” :P

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  1. Manu says:

    Hi Shweta,

    I found your twitter while searching for a twitter ID for my sister in law, then followed it to your website, hit your blog, read about your interest in entrepreneurship …. and then discovered this blog entry. So a full six degrees of separation. This is quite serendipitous, because I have been thinking of a guest blogger to write on my blog(s) and in return maybe return the favour. Would it be something of interest to you?

    Right now, I write my own blog (once in a while) at, also manage a blog for a program that I run here locally in Ottawa at and I am building a third one with a couple of friends at We can collaborate around anyone of them if it is of interest to you. Let me know.

    All the best.



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