Destiny controls you or you control destiny ???

I have seen so many ppl saying ” I make my own destiny” , ” If you cant predict future, invent future” . These quotes look so impressive but is it true ? Can you really make your destiny ? Infact can you even change your destiny ? . I often wonder if there is something called destiny and can we control/change it as per our needs and answer I get back from myself is “NO” . I might be wrong and yes it depends on one’s perspective too.

I dont believe in the following

* Just sit idle and expect to get something great because its in your destiny
* Leave your house unlocked, nobody would steal anything because its not destined to happen
* Jump from a moutain and you wont get hurt because its not destined to happen
* Dont study for your entrance exam and you will clear it because its destined to happen

But I do believe in the following
* You wont sit idle even if others force you too if u have to get something great
* You wont leave your house unlocked, because theft is not destined to happen coz of your carelessness
* You wont jump from a mountain, because you are not destined to get hurt by jumping from a mountain
* You would definitely study for your entrance because you are destined to clear it

For all those who believe that ” there is nothing like destiny and if at all its there then you can control it ” , how do you control/change destiny in following cases

* You want to become a doctor, you gave your best shot, dropped for three consecutive years but still you couldn’t clear it. Not that you were not capable of getting it but some unfortunate things happened like in one year mom died, second year dad had a fracture and in the third year papers got leaked.

* You wanted to become a pilot but you lose your vision in one accident.

* You love someone so much , marry him after going againt the whole world and that person dies second day after the marrige while going to his office.

* You want something very badly but cant get it because of some unfortunate reasons

Most of the things I mentioned above are not fake. They do happen. So wat do people mean when they say ” You can make/change your destiny ” ?. I think all of these are in your circle of concern but outside circle of influence

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  1. abc says:

    Like you say, its all in the mind.
    Maybe you cant control your destiny, but you can shape it.

    what was the objective of the post anyway?

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  2. There was no specific objective of this post. As a habit I was observing these things and was wondering what this destiny is all about ..

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  3. Ramesh says:

    mmm…well…you give your best and leave the rest to some superficial controller…thats the best I can say….u can call it destiny, fate, luck whatever….


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  4. Bips says:


    When people/elders say you can make/change your destiny.. this is my interpretation:

    1. Destiny will make opportunities (say good ones) knock on your door but it is up to us to make use of it by our hard work/ good actions. So in one way by acting appropriately on it, we are making good use of our luck/destiny or by not acting on it, we change our destiny for worse.

    2. Say according to my destiny, on x day I’m gonna get in an accident.. but by driving carefully/wearing seatbelt, etc I might lessen the impact. Those are the effect of good actions on destiny I think.
    At the same time in the accident, if I lose say my one leg.. I might think that because of my good deeds the impact of my destiny were reduced and my life was saved or if I have done bad things thats why the impact of my destiny was so harsh.

    So, basically I also agree that destiny is outside our circle of influence but I think our actions (within our circle of influence) can influence the impact of the destiny part of our circle of concern.

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  5. karthik says:

    I think this question has moved outside the realms of philosophy and into the realm of science. The famous Einstein quote “God doesn’t play a game of dice” has already been proved wrong by quantum physics. Hence, there is no such thing as “destined” to happen. All events happen with a certain likelihood and it is just that, some have a better likelihood than the others.

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  6. Anirudh says:

    Thats a very good post Shweta…I have been reading your blog for a couple of days now…

    I don’t know whether there is destiny or not and if its there whether I can change it or not…but I very much believe that “my deeds will decide my destiny”, what I do now decides what I get in future

    and by the above quote is written by me

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    karthik reply on June 17th, 2008 4:37 pm:

    Not necesarrily. The equation of cause and effect has a number of variables with varied weights. Your deeds are just one variable in the equation maybe with a very high weight. So your deeds is a necessary(neglecting cases where a bag of gold coins just falls from the sky onto somebody’s lap) but not sufficient condition to shape your destiny.

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  7. Rajesh says:

    Hi Shweta,

    I accidently came to your blog while searching for something else and when I saw something written about destiny I wanted to read it fully. This is exactly what I think about destiny, if you are desitned to do something you will start working in that way and things will fall that way even you wish something else. You can not change your destiny but the destiny will make the ways for the things to happen.

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  8. anish singh says:

    i belive that somethng like destiny is their but how / whethr it works or not will depend on our self . it is how make it on work … the way it is really a nice post sweta

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  9. Ajay says:

    spiritually, 65% of our life is controlled by destiny and 35% is controlled by our will power. Please visit “”
    to start ur spiritual journey

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