Yahoo! Finance launches long awaited interactive charts and more

Yahoo Finance recently launched new super cool interative draggable charts. I wanted to blog about it for quite some time but anyways its never too late ..

Yahoo finance has been number 1 finance portal for past many years. It takes less work to get to top than to stay at top. Number 2 position has always has number 1 to look forward to but number 1 has to be always innovative and competitive to beat the rest of the crowd. Though ppl often comment “Yahoo finance look the same for past couple of years” , but they need to know that we were always making our base stronger and stronger for better user experience and launch the following major projects and more

Streaming quotes :
Today if you look at , you wil find the quotes updating automatically without refreshing the page. Marketwatch has this feature for quite some time and ppl had a question why cant Yahoo finance do it. Well we were planing it much before them but we have millions of hits each day and thousands of hits per minute . If we had to go via simple ajax (Pull)method then we would have done it long time back , but with this much of traffic it was a big engineering challenge. If we had gone via pull method where the application tells the server that now i want the update then with the amout of traffic we get, we would have blown away the inventory of servers being used. We took some time but solved this challenging problem smartly using minimum hardware.

Yahoo Finance badges: Check out our cool badges at which enables you to put finance badge for any ticker to any site including your blog site. Another great application of web-services.

Now the most interesting one:
Interactive charts : Check them out at Its a great combination of flash and dhtml. It has some of the following coool features which you should definitely check out.

1) You can drag/scroll the charts like maps.
2) Detailed technical analysis with lot of interactivity
3) Competetitors section, you can click on them to compare with the main symbol
4) You can see the recent symbols you tried and click on them to compare with the main symbol
5) You can email these charts. You can copy paste the link in another browser and you will see the chart in exactly same state
6) You can print the charts
7) You can click on back button to undo the last action you did unlike other ajax applications where back button takes you to the last web page you visited
8) It has inbuilt symbol lookup. If you dont know the ticker name but the company name then type in the symbol lookup box to get the ticker name
9) You can save your settings so that next time you see the charts your last settings like technical indicators used, line type used will be applied.
10) To get more details or help on our charts , you can look at the video tutorials :

Make sure you have flash installed on your system before using these charts. You can give your feedback at

Dynamic chart

There are lot more cool features coming up. Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to Yahoo! Finance launches long awaited interactive charts and more

  1. Ramesh says:

    YHOO has a spokesperson in India now :)

    the charts are good but the stock price went
    down :(


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  2. yo… Jus wait n watch for some more time and it will be back to its rocking price :)

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  3. K says:

    How did u minimize the traffic ? Did u send more data then required for a given request ?

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