Dont let the tickets affect your insurance :)

Having had too many tickets myself and frnd like Piyush who has a record of getting one ticket per month, i have learnt the following technique which can help you avoid your ticket raising your auto insurance. Whenever you write a cheque for speeding/other ticket make sure it few cents more than the actual value. Suppose its 125.20$ then write the cheque for 125.60$. DMV has to return you extra 40 cents before they can process your record and put it in their system. They cant make a cheque for less than a dollar. Unless they return your extra 40 cents your insurance would never increase, probably its a loophole in their system. I am nt 100% sure if its works but 90% it works. Before its fixed in their system, you can always take advantage of it. If you dont gain anything from anything then you also dont lose anything other than few cents :P

Also its always a good idea to contest your ticket no matter what. Either the cop wont appear or you will win the contest and in the worst case judge will reduce your fine :) . If nothing works then you can always request the judge to take a class if you havnt taken any in the past one year.

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  1. ajitomatix says:

    I bet it’d be really useful for Piyush!

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  2. Ramesh says:

    Different states have different rules of write-off amounts and every type of violation has a closure date. Beyond closure date, that automatically gets added to your dmv record. Every violation has a definted lifetime too. Some violations stay for your life time and some ride with you for 3-7 years based on the state and type. (Out of state speeding tickets generally dont add up your insurance).

    A better option would be to contest. If you still end up paying for the violation, take a class and prevent it from adding your premium.

    But nothing can help if you get one speeding ticket for 2 paychecks…


    It is very risky to rely on that.

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  3. shweta says:

    Very useful info Ramesh…Thnks :)

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  4. Nag.B says:

    “If nothing works then you can always request the judge to take a class…”

    You really think it’d be a good idea requesting the judge to take a class? ;-)

    I know what you meant but it’s just that it sounded the other way. :)

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  5. Nag.B says:

    oops…looks like I forgot to close the html <i> tag…you might want to fix bad.

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