My last day in Yahoo & US !!

August 25th was my last day in Yahoo.It seems like yesterday when i joined Yahoo but when I actually look back , its been two years since I joined Yahoo and best time of my life so far. It was my first full time job as a fresh graduate. It couldnt have been better. When I joined Yahoo, I had offers from Amazon and ebay too but I was fortunate to take the desicion to join Yahoo which I never ever repented

I dont know how it happened but each day I found myself getting more and more attached to my work and Yahoo. There was a growing feeling of “my company” . I remember my dad asking me ” What does Yahoo do to you guys that you feel so strongly about it ? I want to fill the same thing in my employees” .It used to give me so much happiness. Working at Yahoo was a very enriching and rewarding experience. I couldnt have asked for more. I got to learn so much there including languages like C, c++, perl, php, giving presentation, preparing documentation, taking design desicions, taking interviews and what not. I got to have really good and helpful manager who was not just a manager but my mentor, my advisor and a contant motivator. He taught me not to just work but work smartly. Each 1-1 with him used to be so inspiring. When it comes to teammates, I was again very fortunate. They were so helpful.

Working in Yahoo was not just work, it was lot of fun too. Most of the times I used to hang out with Yahoo friends even outside work. Everybody was so jovial. Playing pranks with them was again so much fun :) . Every Friday we used to look forward to team lunches which used to be so much fun. Having coffee with Mona and Abu was enough to recharge my batteries to work for rest of the day. Ajit’s pjs and Piyush’s ticket incidents added to our fun.

For past few months I was working on new interactive stock charts: I put my heart, mind and lot of hard work in it and what came out of it was an excellent product. Yahoo finance team was just awesome. You will really feel the team spirit there. People will really appreciate your work. I got personal thanks emails from everyone including my collegeaus and those higher up in the chain till general manager of finance team. At that point you feel all your hard work has been paid off. Finance team gave me a very thoughtful gift. It was a digital photoframe with lotsa pictures from last two years. These pictures remind me of all the great moments I had with Yahoo finance team.Last sentence I got to hear from my manager was ” Yahoo’s doors will always be open for you”.

Today is my last day in United States but now when I am going back to India for good, I am carrying with myself an immense wealth of knowledge and a great attitude.Today I am a much more confident person than I was two years back and all credit goes to Yahoo and my friends here. At this point I dont know what exactly I ll be doing but I am sure I ll do something big.

I am gonna miss these frnds, these days and working in Yahoo a lot!!. Yahoo rocks today and always!!

I came I saw I won

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9 Responses to My last day in Yahoo & US !!

  1. Rajnesh dagar says:

    welcome india

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  2. Ramesh says:

    and yes…u did…

    Was caught up with some crazy stuff…so didnt call you b4 u left…

    email me ur contact info…’n keep in touch


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  3. Amit says:

    Looks like you had wonderful time in Yahoo…All the best for ur future..

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  4. Neha says:

    Girl,You rock …I am sure wherever you ll go , you ll make your way …All the best

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  5. kapoor says:

    Now I understand why yahoo stock is going down n down ..Pls join yahoo again before it plunges..Well I must say, I had great time reading your blog..Awesome work…

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  6. jeseem says:

    jobs is fun, especially when u hav the rt gang to work with.
    landed into ur post from smwhere, I hav no clue how.

    good post. keep posting. and I will come around to keep reading

    and best wishes for next job. hope u getting a better gang, but one which is better at playing pranks on u

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  7. Chief Brutus says:

    Hi! Shweta,

    I checked out your site must say its superb. Simple idea/Great idea.

    Shweta, like you m an x-Yahoo! I was with Yahoo! India for over an year. It really was an awesome experience. But What I didn’t like in your post is nowhere you have mentioned Yahoo! with the ‘!’ which is mandatory. You being an x Yahoo! should ensure to add the Xclamation in all your communications.

    I think m getting lil emotional…

    GREAT SHOW. CONGRATS! I loved criticat.

    - Shivkumar

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  8. Abhaya says:

    Hey Shweta,

    Came here through the coverage of your site on I am in a similar state right now, heading back to India in a couple of months to work on my company fulltime. If you are in Bangalore, it would be nice to catch up then !

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  9. Manuj Mehta says:

    wonderful journey, beautiful feeling and great moments.
    Best of luck and keep smiling.

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