New TicketMaster

After having tough competition for two months finally Piyush did a hat-trick by getting one more ticket :D . He recently got a new Honda Accord V6 ..While he was testing how fast can his car go on 101 , Mr Cop appearred on the scene and said ” Long time man ..Where have you been ? :P ” ..Piyush
said ” Ntg man , I was missing you and was missing getting a ticket”.Cop said ” Dun worry, here I m and here is your ticket ” ..
Actually Piyush was so passionate about getting a ticket that instead of seeing the following
speed limit

He read it as

free ticket
You can imagine, how Piyush’s car speed would have increased after seeing the above board :P

Looks like Piyush doesnt know that now there is tax on speeding tickets too :D

After getting three tickets in three months I think it will be unfair not to give him ticket-master title. As promised he will get a t-shirt with ticketMaster symbol as his prize for all the hard work..

Good job Piyush..You did it !!! Keep up the good work ;)

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2 Responses to New TicketMaster

  1. Piyush says:

    woo hoo !
    Hey Shweta… now I got to have that Tshirt! I am looking forward to get that from you :)


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  2. ajitomatix says:

    Hope man, but bear in mind you are dealing with a kanjoos.

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