My new mac book

I was looking for a new laptop for sometime…After doing some research, was about to buy sony viao but my friend Bharath opened apple site and insisted on buying that. I have been using windows for past so many years , it was bit difficult to move to mac ..I was somehow not at all interested in buying a mac…He showed me all the features like I can have windows too on the new macbook with intel processor..I was quite impresed with it ..Right away we went to Palo Alto to check it out and there I liked it so much that ended up buying it that day itself …I got a very good deal and it costed me around 400$ less than the regular price..

I got it home..Firstly it looked sooo good and equally good was its display …It was fun booting it for the first time….While it was creating my profile all of a sudden it clicked my picture and asked ” Do you want it to be your profile picture” ..It was sooo cool …Everything is sooo user friendly ..It has an inbuild camera and mic and quality of webcam is just awesome… I dint have to do anything to create wireless and all ..It automatically scans and starts it provided you dont need a key for that…

More I use it , more I love it …Since its based on unix , its so simple to use shell and all..I dont need putty or vpnclient anymore :) …I can run windows using bootcamp..Using bluetooth was so simple ..You just need to click… While I was testing my bluetooth at work..I tried sending one picture to other bluetooth device which I though was my windows box ..But it was Mr Abu’s mac in other cube and he happily received the picture..

Using mac is sooo much fun..It has some cons like not all softwares are available for mac, you cant use any pirated software with mac ..But once you start using macbook , I can bet you ll just LOVE it …List of cool features it has is too long for me to discuss here …

You can create cool comic pictures on mac .I created the one below on my mac ….

Macbook is really cool and so are the mac users ;)

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  1. Anand says:

    Black / White? How do you find the glossy display?

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  2. Its white ..I thought I ll go for black but it shows all finger prints on black and I dint it like it much when I actually saw it ….Glossy display is jus AWESOME :)

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  3. Snehil says:

    Finaaly i fopund somebody who knows in here whatzz the power of MAC…its a totally different world to work on these small power packed machines

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  4. samir says:

    i want to purchase new macbook in india. can u give any retail outlets that can show demo for me?

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    anmol reply on September 1st, 2011 9:34 am:
    this is the apple india site. go on to it and search for the retailer. good luck. i too wanna buy a MBP but i am unsure of whether or not i should. will the pirated softwares run on it or not. besides not all softwares available are Mac compatable.

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  5. shweta Gupta says:


    I bought my mac book when I was in US. I know know much about the retail outlets here in India.

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  6. Vivek V. says:

    Probably too late to comment on..

    Visit any mac world in India –there you are !!

    But its Apple/Mac so can’t stop my self writing back.. Apple is the best in support and service..It’s worldwide so no matter from where you buy your “i” series pods or Macs..

    Apple/Mac is about usability.. It’s worth investment.. And the “Safari” – simply rocks..

    Moreover, it’s not about Apple It’s about “Steve” who made it possible since 1997 when he came back Chief Executive at Apple..

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  7. Maneesh says:

    where did you get your mac in us? u said u got it for $400 less than the market price..

    can u tell me from where did u get?


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  8. shweta Gupta says:


    I bought it from Apple store in Palo Alto. There was some nice deal going on that time thats why I got it cheaper.

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  9. prabha says:

    Pls let me know where you bought that….

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  10. Vivek Pareek says:

    Nice to see all these Mac fans….
    I m working with an Apple Partner in Delhi…
    So if you guyz have any quarries regarding Mac….So pls feel free to let me know ur quarries………For sure I can provide you some solutions…
    This is for you Shweta…Thanks for posting this
    As a matter of fact Mac is really cool …but most of the user dont realize it so early ….

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