July 4th weekend Fiasco and more …

It was June 29th. I had booked my tickets for Seattle for the long weekend. I had taken a day off on June 30th so I had total 5 holidays. I was pretty excited about my trip . I was supposed to go to Canada from Seattle after getting visa from Seattle. I have couple of friends in Seattle so was planning to meet them too. On June 29th I spent quite some time in preparing visa documents, getting that stupid special picture for canada consulate.

My flight was at 9:45pm. I was ready with everything by 6:30 pm . My roomie dropped me at the airport at 8:55 pm. It was little late knowing there will be rush due to long weekend. I just rushed in towards the self check-in machine. That machine was not ready to accept my credit card though I was getting late for my flight :( . Anyways instead of wasting more time on that machine, I decided to go directly to Alaska Airlines represenatative.

To my surprise…. , the representative said ” Sorry, you dont have any reservation for today” . I asked her to look carefully as I had I booked tickets for June 29th only. I got little scared and started thinking that I might have booked tickets for June 28th(that was one day back) . I told her my return date which was July 4th. She said “your itinerary has been cancelled because you had reservation for June 16th and you didn’t go on June 16th so your whole itinerary has been cancelled”. My O my ..What to do now. I was pissed off like hell . I asked her if there is some way I can go on 9:45 pm flight. But all flight was full. She said she cant do anything and I need to call up Alaska airlines. She gave me a contact number for Alaska Airlines.

I called up Alaska Airlines and they put me on hold for 15 min. Finally someone responded to my call and after knowing its to do with change in schedule , she transferred me to some other line and another wait of 15 min. Problem come together so it was expected. I was still hoping that I might get 9:45 flight but I was hoping against hopen. Alaska airlines representative apologized for their mistake. Actually I booked it over phone and person doing the reservations made the mistake. 9:45 pm flight was full so there was no way they could let me go in that flight. I asked her to let me talk directly to their manager. That manager was a nice lady . I told her my problem that I have a visa appointment at 8 am next morning and have hotel reservations and all so I need to be there before 8 am. She said ” All flight are full for next three days.”. I also checked online and she was right . She was ready to give me seat in other airlines if there is a ny seat BUT there was no seat. I asked me go on standby on a flight from Oakland ( 1hr from my place) at 6 am. There was still no gurantee that I ll get seat there . Only if someone doesnt turn up , I ll get a seat which was pretty unlikely for me on a long weekend. After talking to her for 45 min she said she is putting on priority list on next day’s flight at 6 am from Oakland and I cant make it for that flight then they ll refund all my money.

It was already 10:10 pm there and getting to airport at 5 am when there was no gurantee was difficult so I diteched that and finally decided not to go to Seattle. I cant tell you the feeling coming back home with your luggage like that. But I know ppl who have missed their flight to India. So I think it was ok. Some ppl like Ajit are proactive, they reach airport one day in advance when they have to go to India :P

I had taken off on June 30th. Though I dint go to Seattle still I didnt go to work the next day coz I knew if I go to work and tell my colleagues about all this then Abu and Mona are going to laugh like anything :(

Life is Beautiful so something better was awaited. Next day we decided to go to Lake Tahoe and Reno and guess wat it turned out to be best vacation of my life :)

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3 Responses to July 4th weekend Fiasco and more …

  1. RB says:

    mmm…good, now I have one more person added to my list :) I did almost the same twice…once in Inida, and once in SanFran


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  2. ajitomatix says:

    It must be Anya who told you about my missed flight. I went to India though … just a day later.

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  3. Anon says:

    Anya too went to the airport a day earlier when he was goin to India.

    - Trusted Source

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