Modern Web designing !!

Modern web designing

After talking to few ppl at work it was like When it comes to IE and web development, there is 90% swearing and 10% work” while others were like ” Only incompetent ppl can think like this” …There is a nice article on this Unskilled and unaware

No matter what, I myself strongly believe that IE suckssssssssssss big time!!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to Modern Web designing !!

  1. Anomalizer says:

    The “unskilled …” article confirms my belief.

    Coming back to web development, plz fix the tab order on this page. The comments section comes after all the links in the right nav bar as far as tab order is concerned :-P

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  2. Rahul Jain says:

    Yaa, i completely agree IE sucks big tym!!
    I devote a lot f my leisure aftr clg on my clg’s website, still everything get screwed on IE :(

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