Damien Rice rocks!!!!!!!

Last year one of my friends forwarded me the video of “The Blowers Daughter” by Damien Rice. I really liked the song and listened to it lotta times. Then I again like his songs in the movie “Good company (Cannonball) “…Awesome songs…

We all wanted to attend his concert but all tickets were sold out last week itself. Thankfully one of my frnds arranged couple of tickets from craigslist.. Finally yesterday I got to attend his concert in Mountain Winery. The place itself was sooo beautiful ..Its just 12 miles from Sunnyvale but looks so different ….It was an awesome drive on those curvy roads…If not for concert , I can go there for the place itself…At you enter that place , you can smell wine everywhere…

At around 8:30 Damien Rice started singing …The place was kinda secluded but the scenery around and dusk light was setting the mood right for the concert.His voice was just awesome and he was equally good at presenting himself….Overall it was a pretty nice concert…

If you havnt listened to Damien, you should try once

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  1. ajitomatix says:

    “the video is no longer available”

    any other pointers?

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  3. Sunil says:


    i read ur quotes it is good

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