This time it was my turn…

For last 3-4 weeks someone or the other is getting a ticket in our group.Till now Mr Piyush is leading big time and Sweta is the first runner up..This weekend it was my turn :( ….On friday it was 11:57 and we wanted to get a dvd from blockbuster. We had 3 minutes and 2 miles to cover to get to blockbuster …One of my frnds was driving the car …at 11:59 we saw some flashing lights in the rear mirror..Guess Wat !!! Mr Cop was following us and wanted to us to stop …..We pulled over the car and the first thing that came to mind was to check if we had our seat belts on ..THANKS to Piyush with everyone’s wishes got a speeding ticket :( ….

I was telling about the ticket incident to Ajit on Saturday and he was like “Wish it was were you, who was driving the car ” … Looks like God heard his wish. On Saturday night at 10:10pm ,I was driving on 101 South.. Again I saw those scary flashing light :( ….I have a very bad habit of not looking in the rear mirror…After seeing those scary lights, I pulled over. I again checked if my seat belt was on ..THANKS to Piyush again…..I was more sacred of getting a ticket because of the teasing by my gang than the moeny I had to pay….I was thinking of all the jokes these guys will be making if I get ticket..Mr cop comes near by car…I was curious to know why mr cop has stopped me…My heart was beating fast …..I rolled down the window and I heard him saying “Heyy how u doing …” .I was like ” gooood..” …He then said ” Can you please turn on your headlights?” ..I was like “Sure….sorry bout that”..He then left without saying anything else…I was sooooooooo relaxed…..I was going to Ajit’s place that time …..When I told him anf his roomie about the incident , Ajit was like “Damn you shud have got the ticket ….”..

On the next Friday of this incident we were going for a movie…We were getting late …I was driving at 55 in 40mph zone and jumped the red light BY MISTAKE….The moment I realized I have jumped the red light , I saw a cop behind my car ..Again I started thinking “how much these guys will tease me if I get a ticket” ..Mona was sitting next to me…I was pretty nervous that time..It would have spoiled the Friday evening .Luckily I saw him on time and slowed down …He hadnt turn on his scary flashing lights that time…Now I was driving like a good girl….Fortunately, Mr cop changed his mind and stopped following me…

But the thing is how many times can God save you …This time God was like “Enough girl..Ur time has come” … ..Also my frnds’s prayers to get me a ticket cant go unanswered for long ..The D day arrived ….. Three days after the “red light jump” incident , I was driving nicely on Evelyn at around 10:30 pm….I was in pretty good mood that time..I saw a cop with flashing lights on in front of me …I was thinking “some poor guy is having a bad time with Mr cop” ..I was feeling happy that I am not the one….I was drving at 35 in 35mph zone.. I made sure that my seat belt was on(Thanks to Piyush again :) ) …As I went pass the cop , I saw him flashing lights on me ..I was like “Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi ….” ..He asked me to pull over ….I was so confused as to why he has stopped me …..Anywez I stopped and this time I was not at all scared as I was driving at normal speed with seat belt on….Mr cop came to my car ..I rolled down my window…..I heard him saying ” Can you turn on your headdlights…Its so dangerous” ….Two min back I got the gas fillled and forgot to turn on the lights(dun know why and how ?? :( ) ….He asked for my insurance and license and came back with a GIFT for me …..Well the GIFT was ntg else but a ticket :( ( …I was reminded of my frnd Abu who used to say “this cop is a loser” ..Well this cop was definitely a loser..He gave me ticket for headlights :( ….Ppl used to tell me that when a cop is giving someone ticket then he wont follow you to give the ticket even if you r speeding as he s already busy with someone else …But frnds!!! when it comes to ticket .DUN TRUST ANYBODY..You can get ticket anywhere for any reason..

Looks like finally my frnds’ wish were fulfilled ……I havnt told anybody yet…..The moment they ll read this , there will be a big smile and happiness on their faces….In the meantime I have prepared myself for all the teasing and fun from those frnds…

Now there is more competition in our group for THE TICKETMASTER position :D .. Dun be surprised if you see my car’s headlights on during day also :p ..

With so many tickets’ incidents happening I had to create a separate category called “tickets” :D

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7 Responses to This time it was my turn…

  1. ajitomatix says:


    if it makes u feel any better, i didn’t “really” wish that u would get a ticket.

    btw me n abu too had our little encounter with the dude on our road trip.

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  2. Ramesh B says:

    Well..keep your headlights in auto mode…you should be good….my poor camry has that feature…I am sure ur fully loaded accord does….


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  3. icecool_shweta says:

    I could not find the option for auto headlights in my car :(

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  4. Prasanth says:

    my condolences!! does it make you feel better if I tell you that you are not the only person who got tickets for NOT turning on the headlights??:)

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  5. Honda cars are missing this feature. Only Toyota has this. Three cheers for Toyota. Hip Hip Hurray….

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  6. Poorva says:

    FYI.. incase, your friends did not know — u HAD got a ticket earlier for speeding on Evelyn right?

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  7. Thanks for the information Poorva Madam….Ppl will b really happpy to knw, though they already knw

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