Dont give it up!!

Till now Mr Piyush was following the trend of getting one ticket per week… People were little disappointed when the trend was broken the last weekend when he was actually supposed to make the hat-trick :(

We tried really hard to help him get atleast one ticket but alas no success …Piyush has been constantly progressing.. First time he got the seat belt ticket on the back seat ..The week after that he got the ticket while he was on the passenger seat…..So now he needs to be on the driver’s seat to get his next ticket…

Neither Piyush and nor his frnds have given up ..we have full faith in him …If not this week , he ll definitely achieve his goal next week ….

Following videos will encourage him more and he ll realize that its not at all difficult to get a ticket :D


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2 Responses to Dont give it up!!

  1. ajitomatix says:

    I’m sure Piush is waiting for his encouragement T-shirt from you :P

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  2. RameshB says:

    Convey my best wishes to Piyush……(for getting one more ticket…)


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