Another prank played !!

Well It was long since I played a prank. Also Abu(my colleague) was due for a prank.He just joined 1 month back and didnt know much about the policies in our company …Last friday thought of playing a prank on him. I just wanted to have him ph interview a fake person, who can give him a tough time… I started making the base by telling him that he ll need to interview someone and I would pass him the resume of the person. I also asked him as to what kind of questions he would ask and he was like ” I dont ask technical questions, I mainly look for the aptitude of the candidate.” . I was like “ok …lets see” …

Last Friday I asked Ajit(another colleague) , if he knows someone who can be that ph interview candidate.. He was like ” what ph interview?? ..Lets have onsite interview :p” …I was like “wow ..:D” …It was 5:30 pm on Friday ..We decided to do it on Friday itself …We had very less time since interview was supposed to be at 6pm …Abu has already lost faith in me coz of my other pranks , so I couldn’t ask him for the interview …

We decided to ask a senior person to ask Abu for the interview on the pretext that he had some emergency.

At 5:35 pm

Senior person : Abu, we need you to do an interview. Would it be possible for you to fill in at 6pm (another interviewer could not make it). His name is Manoj Garg . It is for a senior position. Take someone along with you, such as Shweta or Mona. He will be in Gilligan conf room.

Abu : ok :(

Abu told me about the same on messenger ..In the mean time Ajit/Piyush arranged for the interview candidate from our company itself.

At 5:49 pm

Shweta (4/21/2006 5:49:12 PM): ok I can come
Abu (4/21/2006 5:49:22 PM): thanks
Shweta(4/21/2006 5:49:33 PM): Wat position is it?
Abu (4/21/2006 5:49:51 PM): senior pos
Shweta(4/21/2006 5:50:12 PM): ok
Abu (4/21/2006 5:51:01 PM): tryin to get the resume of the candidate
Shweta (4/21/2006 5:51:46 PM): ok

In the mean time, I asked the senior person not to give him the resume
Shweta(4/21/2006 5:54:08 PM): wen do we hav to go?
Abu (4/21/2006 5:54:20 PM): See if he is a good fit for Y!. I’ll try to get a resume; if not, then wing it.
Abu(4/21/2006 5:54:23 PM): gicve me some fundas
Shweta(4/21/2006 5:54:45 PM): ask some technical questions
Abu (4/21/2006 5:56:11 PM): can u lead pls?
Shweta(4/21/2006 5:56:33 PM): no man
Shweta (4/21/2006 5:56:43 PM): its to train new ppl on it
Abu (4/21/2006 5:56:51 PM): really?
Abu (4/21/2006 5:56:58 PM): at such short notice?

at 5:57 pm , I got msg from Ajit that candidate has arrived in giligan conf room

Shweta : Abu , lets go

Shweta : Wats this man , interview on Friday ..that too at 6 pm ..Not good

Abu : Ya , I knw

Abu : Can you pls give me some fundas?

Shweta : U ll be fine … (I was thinking.. he looks for aptitude ..Y he needs fundas then ?? )

On the way to conf room , we met Ajit and he asked ” where r u going ,ppl?” n we were like ” interview man n that too on Friday evening :(

At 6 pm we entered the conf room and the candidate was already there …

Candidate : Hello ..

Abu : So how r u dloing ..How is it going so far

Candidate : It was fine..

* Candidate dint know that it was Senior position :(

Abu : So for how long u have been working

Candidate : I am a fresher

Shweta : ( Shit ) ..I winked at him ..We were told that its a senior position.

Candidate (Smartly ) ..Oh yes , actually I have worked for 3 yrs in India in Oracle…

Abu : cool

* Now our smart candidate started bombarding Mr Abu with all his questions

Candidate : I m so confused ..I dun know wat i ll be working here ( as if he has got the offer already)

Candidate : So wat kinda work you do here??

Candidate : For how long you have been here?

Abu : Jus joined 2 months back

Candidate : Where were u working before

Abu : xyz

Candidate : Y did you leave xyz? .Its such s good company

Abu : some personal reasons

Candidate : (Just trying to irritate Abu ) ..But y did you leave ur previous company ..I were in your place I wouldnt have left the company

Candidate : They pay so well ..Still u left the company??

Abu : Well I like it here a lot ..Ppl are so full of energy …Good team ..Nice work

Candidate : Still , y did you leave your previous company ..Its such a good company …

Candidate : Btw which part of india u r from ?

Abu : south India

Candidate : Which state?

Abu: (Lit iiritated) Andhra Pradesh , if that helps

Candidate : So wat do u do you in the evenings …Its k if you dun wana tell

Abu : I party every night

Candidate : What else do u do here? Its k if you dun wana tell .. I mean do u have some extra curricular activities also here

Abu : (Looking at me ) Do we have some?? ..Ya we have blah n blah

Candidate : Wat do yo do over the weekends

Abu : clubbing n all

Candidate : Where

Abu : City

Candidate : Which City

Abu : (Lit more irritated) SFo .I think thats the only city we have near by

Candidate : No, I mean we have some good clubs in san jose downtown also :D

Candidate : So what do you like here the most?

Abu : Good team …Variety of work ..Ppl are intelligent and helpful ..Blah Blah

Shweta : Abu, lets ask some technical questions

Candidate : (Started irritaing him again) ..I am so confused , I dont know what I ll be working on .. I have worked only on databases ad there is not much database work here

Abu : So from where did you do ur grad studies?

Candidate : Cornell..And u ?

(Abu still dint have the resume of the person)

Abu : Stanford..So which dept u were in …

Candidate : Comp sc

Candidate : I m still confused .Y did u leave youe previous company…Its such a good company

Abu : Given a list of numbers, find the minimum number ..What would be the running time

Candidate : So what kinda solution u want

Abu : (Pretty irritated by now) ..What kinda solution u have

Candidate : I have all kinda solution ..Worst case , best case , Avg

Abu : Give the best case

Candidate : n square

Abu : How

Candidate : Just sort the numbers n get the minimum

Abu : Y sorting?

Candidate: Its simple….

Abu : Which sorting algo u r using?

Candidate : What kinda sorting algo u want ..I can use anything

Abu : Which sorting algo u wana use

Candidate : I ll love to use the sorting algo tha u want me to use

Candidate : So which sorting also u want me to use?

Abu : (Now frustation was showing up on his face) Which one do you will be the best sorting algo

Candidate : Well , that depends on the application ..So what kinda application do you have.. I am still confused ..What kind of work will I be doing here?

Abu : (Well u wont be hired) ..Tell me the name of some sorting algos

Candidates : Quick sort , merge sort

Abu : Whats the running time for quick sort

Candidate n square …

Abu : Wat??

Candidate : But u have to tell me whether u want worst case , best case , Avg case :p

Abu : Wats the best case

Candidate : That depends on the pivot ..So where is the pivot ..It also depends on the applications..So what kinda application do you have here ..I am still confused as to what I ll be working on :(

Abu : ( Frustated like anything ) Can you do better than n square

Candidate : No , I cant ..I am very tired…Can you

Abu : Ya .. Take the first number and compare it with …… blah blah ..So running time will be order of “N”.

Candidate : Cool

Abu ( In a frustated voice ) Shweta, I m done . ..Do u have any questions?

Shweta: No , I dun have any questions…Since we have 10 more minutes ,so you can ask few more questions

Abu : No, I m done asking the questions :X

Candidate: BTW how did I do in the inteview..I m still confused as to what I ll b working on

Abu :( he had rejected him long time back) We ll get back you ..It was nice talking to u ..

Candidate: Thanks ..same here

In the mean time I gave a missed call to Ajit

At 6:35 pm ..Ajit came outside the conf room with whole gang of ppl..As we came out of the room ..Everybody started laughing at Abu ( MTV Bakra) ….He couldnt understand anything …Then Mr Candidate showed his employee badge and Mr Abu was like ” aaaaaaaarg” ….

Candidate : I hope u dint mind it ;) ..I was given a very short notice else I could have done better :P

Abu : No man , its k …Btw r u indeed from Cornell ??
Candidate: No man..I am from Stony brook :P

All of us laughed like anything …

Well Abu is a very sporty guy who took the whole thing very nicely ..Kudos to him :)

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6 Responses to Another prank played !!

  1. ajitomatix says:

    Good memory Shweta! Where’s the masala? This transcript seems quite truthful :)

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  2. RameshB says:

    Well….it was a pretty sensitive prank to play at work..but looks like u chose the right person this time…

    have fun :)


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  3. Geetha says:

    oh man! u r the boss :D i wish i were there too!!!hehehe

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  4. Neha says:

    Abbe yaaar kisi ko to baksh diya kar !!

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  5. saravana says:

    Happened to see ur Blog.this one is too good

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  6. charan says:

    very funny.I did the same role of candidate when i had attended to my first interview.(But it’s not the prank game .Its is real)

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