Finally the whole game is about people!!!!

I love to observe things around me and analyze them. Also got to read a nice book on management last week.. From my observations and those readings , I got to learn few things about managing ppl which was pretty interesting.

Every workplace, big or small involves managing ppl and finally getting work done from them…So as some ppl say ” ppl are the most imp resource of an organization” …More judiciously you use this resource , better are the chances of success of the organization . Every manager has the responsiblity of managing ppl under him and getting work done from them …

Finally you have to the get the work done. Thing that really matters is how you get the work done !!

Consider a manager getting the work done without even thinking whether ppl working under him are happy or not. I think in the short run it will work fine. But it has been proved that if that happens for long , ppl (who are not happy with their work) subconciuosly withdraw from giving their best. Day after day , their productivity is getting converted into frustation. Its possible at some points, there is need in the group to get some kinda work from an employee which he/she doesnt enjoy at all. In that case , it would be much better if manager lets the employee know that he/she really appreciates employee’s efforts of doing the work which employee doesnt really enjoy. If the manager constantly shows his thankfulness to the employee and make some efforts that employee doesnt have to work on the stuff he/she doesnt like for long, I am sure employee will try to give his/her best. At the end of the day if the ppl are not happy , things cant scale. With ppl unhappy, one project can be done on time , second can be done on time BUT not the third one. I agree that it needs lotsa efforts to keep all the employee working under you happy. It involves , understanding them first, knowing what they like and what they are best at. Its kinda investment which is definitely needed for long term results. Different ppl working under you, might need different treatment. One person might be happy , giving the status of his work everyday, because he is fine working regularly, while the other person might be the one who doesnt like to work everyday but ends up finishing up the taks on time .On being asked about status and details of work everyday, he might get pissed off and start calling the process as “micromanagement”.

Apart from different ppl requiring different kinda treatment, there are certain things which probably all the employees would like …For e.g

1) Constant appreciation on good work

2) A realization that the employee is important to the organization

3) Due credit whenever he deserves it. I think its a pretty sensitive matter. Manager should make sure right person and only the right person gets the credit. Giving one employee’s credit to the other employee would unnecessarily create some differences between the two employees
4) Visiblity from other ppl around and upper management.

5) Manger being soft to the employee instead of being rude. I think at this age, most of the ppl are mature enough to realize their responsiblities and getting rude with them will never help you get something extra from them. Infact one can get more work done from someone by being soft than by being rude. Also by doing this ,probably a manager is losing the love and respect of the employees. This might be true with 95% ppl , with other 5% ppl ,one might need to be little stern. Having command and being rude are two different things. Manager should definitely have command but that doesnt mean that they have to be rude.

6) Getting respect from your manager. Its a two way game, you give respect and you ll get respect. DONT DEMAND RESPECT BUT EARN THE RESPECT. Ppl who try to demand respect by showing their authority never end up getting respect but disliking.
7) Getting a feeling that ” we are a team and its only together that we can achieve a goal..We all rise and fall together including the manager”.

8) Getting some room for making mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes including managers. Its not always that managers are right in the argument and employee is wrong or other way round.

Its asking too much from the managers and it needs two hands to clap. For the whole process to run smoothly, empoyees have to be equally understanding. They should know that they need to manage themselves for their managers to manage them efficiently.Trust me , if you are good/respectful to your manager, in 90% cases, manager will be good to you. But it really needs efforts from both the sides to have nice atmosphere at work.
Finally the employee might be a manager, so he should try to give to his employees what he expects from his manager and vice-versa.

There is always a tendency that if your manager is not good to you, you might wana do the same thing with employees under you. Things would be much better if we dont let this bad thing trickle down the chain. Well its not a perfect world but we can be as good as possible:)
Finally the whole game is about “PEOPLE.Taking the people along. Keeping the ppl happy”.

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  1. Vineet says:

    Yuki…likha tu bahut badiya…but since I have’nt got the Manager position yet…can’t implement !!!

    Can u write on how to manage co-workers…that I would need ASAp

    dhanayawad !!!

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  2. Ramesh B says:

    Good…looks like u’re sharpening ur managerial skills. not just the corporate world but the entire world is about people, being aound people, talking the right people along in life and kepping’em happy and being happy…!!!!


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