My April fool’s day Pranks

Any prankster like me will be tempted to play some pranks on april fool’s day when it becomes their legal right to do that ;) ….However I could not think of anything new and it was saturday(not a working day) so had to do the preparation on Friday itself.. I was talking to one of my colleagues as to how to fool others and we thought of playing with ppl’s bashrc file ….Who else other than Mona(my colleague) can be a better target who leaves her system unlocked and go to places (so nice of her ;) )…. I just had 5 min to mess with her bashrc when she went to get coffee..

Jus adding the following cmds did the charm :)

alias cd=’echo “System Error”‘

alias ls=’echo “System virus detected”‘

Guess what, now if someone will try to use “cd” or “ls” , He/she will freak out :p..Cool uh?

Now that i changed her bashrc , why not also change her vimrc file ;)

Following are the changes I added in her vimrc

iabbrev for System error detected

iabbrev if Memory core dumping

So now I was safe ..Either she ll use her bash or vim ;)
Well I dun wana disclose what actually happened when she got to know that it was me :( …..Next time I ll look for sporty ppl before playing such pranks :d
On Saturday(April fool’s day), I was out for skiing so could find many scapegoats ;) ..Overall it was goooood…

Man , I just love playing pranks, for me everyday is April fool’s day :)

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  1. Man , I just love playing pranks, for me everyday is April fool’s day

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