How to be happy :)

Some time back I learnt a very nice theory.. If you realy think about it , it will make lottsa sense

This is how it goes …(excerpted from Habit 1: Be Proactive, in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey)

We each have a wide range of concerns – our health, our family, problems at work etc., and it is these things that make up our ‘Circle of Concern’. As we look at the things within our Circle of Concern, it becomes apparent that there are some things over which we have no real control and others that we can do something about. We can group the things we can do something about within a ‘Circle of Influence’. The two circles are shown below:

The Circle of Concern is filled with the have’s:

  • If only I had a more patient spouse…’

  • ‘If only I had better employees/co-workers…’

  • If only I had a boss who wasn’t so demanding…’

The Circle of Influence is filled with the be’s:

  • ‘I can be more patient…’

  • ‘I can be a better employee…’

  • ‘I can be more wise…’

Effective people focus their efforts in their Circle of Influence and do not get stressed or waste time on the things within their Circle of Concern. They work on the things they can do something about and the nature of their energy is positive and enlarging. There are things (like the weather) that our Circle of Influence will never include. We can’t change the weather, but we can create and carry our own physical or social weather with us. We must accept the things that at the present we can’t control and focus our efforts on the things that we can.

The Circle of Influence grows and shrinks. The more you work within your Circle of Influence the larger it will become and you will be become more effective as a result. The opposite is also true. Focusing on your Circle of Concern can shrink your Circle of Influence and therefore your ability to change things for the better.

So guys to be happy

* Dont work on things that lie outside your influence

* Put all your energies on things inside circle of influence and try to increase it

* Identify what lies inside circle of influence and what inside circle of concern

Try this for 30 days and trust me you will feel the difference :)

Stay positive and keep smiling like :)

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  1. Ramesh B says:

    You getting to be a philisopher….good


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  2. Ramesh B says:

    made a typo by mistake….but it’s your blog…so it should be fine :)

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  3. K says:

    Hey Shweta,

    Nice blog. Krrp blogging !!!

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  4. papaG says:

    Steven R. Covey and what not..
    impressive.. :)

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  5. Prasanth says:

    I’ve been keeping this book 7 habits ‘under my pillow’ for quite sometime.Didn’t get enough patience to read it because of my growing circle of concerns….Looks like I need to give your ideas a try!!

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  6. catie says:

    Hey, just run up on your blog by chance. Love the philophy stuff. I am going to have to try this…

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  7. Hemanth V says:

    Hey, just read your blog. Your posts are good.

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  8. karthik says:

    Tell this philosophy to a person who has lost his entire family in the Tsunami. Lets see how he takes it.

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  9. Shweta,

    I think it depends a lot on the degree of turmoil/downs you have faced in life.

    But, then life is all about fighting and getting the best out of it. That’s the fun…

    You never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow.

    Sandeep N.

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  10. Anup says:

    Hi Shweta,
    Thanks for such an useful and motivating article. I read some of your other articles too, you write pretty philosophical yet simple. It was a pleasure going through your blog. I look forward for further interesting posts.


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  11. Arjit says:

    thanx… i was disturbed since morning frm my increased circle of concern, it happens to me sometime. I can’t say tht u erased it completely but still i m better than before after reading this article.

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  12. sumesh says:

    Hi shweta,

    Lovely article and very aptly put. Its very concise and to the point. Absolutely adored the way you have brought about the difference in an organizational context.



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  13. Manas Garg says:

    May be you should check out “Bhagavad Gita” :) It has the techniques to become effective that Krishna told Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra :) :)

    On a serious note, so far as I have studied such books, essays, articles etc, I find all of them to be superficial variations of what Krishna told Arjuna. You have a philosophical outlook, zeal to apply yourself fully to the task in front and a knack for getting detached from things. I think you’ll enjoy reading Gita. And if you do decide to read it, I would recommend the commentary by Swami Chinmayananda which is available at Chinmaya mission.

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  14. sumit says:

    nice pep talk, but easier said than done…
    everyone knows what is right and what is wrong and how to make things right, but eventually it all boils down to implementing yourself to the task,a human being cannot be always happy , pretending things happening around him do not affect him coz if it doesn’t then he would n’t be human he would be an automated robot devoid of any other emotion other than joy. So I guess what i am trying to say is that things don’t work like this in the real world.

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  15. Atul Punjani says:

    Will do a copy paste as i am impressed with your article..

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  16. saagar says:

    the moment i read it i think this going to change my life.

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  17. Pratham says:

    Nice Blog Dear…
    But is it really so simple to be happy?
    Just in pusuit of happiness. The Theory is so simple to understand but practically so difficult to implement.

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  18. mukund says:

    hi shweta

    thanks.. it helped me.. my life was like a roller coaster ride.

    can we connect up sometime

    best regards

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  19. Gopal says:



    Its really very nice ….u explain very simple word d truth of life …

    I m trying from today and let u no after 30 days …

    Thanks .Take care

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  20. Pranav says:

    hmmm, I guess you’re right – being happy is now a ‘technical’ area where we need to work upon. Happiness doesn’t come easy :-(

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  21. akshay says:

    happiness doesn’t comes by sitting and waitng for it. it comes as a result of actions

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  22. selva kumar says:

    tanx short and sweet

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  23. jitha says:

    i will try this surely…hope this changes my life!!!

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  24. Davis says:

    thanks shweta, really this inspiring article helps me a lot..

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  25. ranju says:

    kudos to Ms.Shweta.

    Truth of life in two circles!
    One has to give a comprehensive approach/evaluation/understanding to this.

    Thank you

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  26. teena says:

    i just wanna say its just wow and quite impressive .

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  27. Sanjeev N says:

    i would like to add a few lines:

    This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

    Those who wish to sing, always find a song.

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  28. sudeep says:

    if u want to be happy, nobody can stop u from doing that,….the same is true with being unhappy

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  29. S K Roy says:

    I have an exam soon. But for some reasons, I was not able to concentrate on my studies. Without doing study, I started to go through your posts. I had a feeling that, if I go through your blog, somehow I will find a solution or direction. I was right.:) After reading this post, I am feeling calm and know that, what I did was right and also have a clear view about my next steps. Thanks…!!!

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  30. Aditya Agarwal says:


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  31. Aufaq Ahmad says:

    This blog makes one fall on his knees and say ‘WOW’

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  32. Warun says:

    Nice thought process, will be trying the same, lets see how it goes

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  33. sweety says:

    Happiness is LIFE.Feel every moment of life.Every moment is special u jst hav 2 feel il

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  34. Amrit says:

    Hello Shweta

    Its been a exotic trip while gng through your articles….I got hooked becoz inwardly i too owe a philosphical blend of mind. Ths artice consisely dictate “How to be happy” but when your surroundings (people around leave far of but say our Live patners are in distress how can we apply above rules?) Please throw some light on ths …will appreciate.

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  35. Being happy is the main sense of life and we often forget this.Though its very easy and simple to be happy ,we struggle hard and search here and there to be happy.
    Happiness is a mental feeling and no one can make you happy , until you have decided to be happy.
    Forget everything,Try to take things a bit easy and relax.Enjoy each and every moment of life and be happy.

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  36. Mahantesh says:

    Nice blog,I am impressed.

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  37. Sukumar says:

    Thanks for such good article… jst need to follow and try to kill all worries.

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  38. Rohini says:

    Wow, this post is soooo good, generally liked your blogs a lot, I am going to tag it to follow your posts…. keep it coming… All the best for everything :)

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  39. Max says:

    Ended up from nowhere to your Blog n after going threw your thoughts i must say Life is Beautiful and It is because of beautiful people like you who keep spreading the msg of GOD to the normal beings,those who just get lost due to the travel till the eternity. Keep up the Good Work :)

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  40. deepak s kumar says:

    very nice theory but difficult to practise

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  41. Elisa Wong says:

    This is quite a philosophy. In life, we are all chasing certain forms of happiness but we do not realize that it actually comes from within oneself. Someone once said true happiness is to actually look beyond one’s troubles and to start being there for others like your family and friends. Relationships matter from the start, and in the end relationships are all that’s left. Be happy! :D

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  42. Daryl Packard says:

    You make everything look and feel so beautiful. Its your aura which makes the environment shine and glow with happiness. In our day to day life we all experience those certain moments which make us feel down…sad..unhappy..depressed and disillusioned, however then there is someone like you who comes along and makes everything around so beautiful…your words help and your presence makes the world a better place. Thank You :) God Bless

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  43. Abigail Lim says:

    True, we should focus and be thankful of who we are rather than to compare what we have versus what we don’t have. That’s the essence of being human, isn’t it? ;)

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  44. Joe Ng says:

    It is a nice blog. Impressive! Will practice it. Thanks.

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  45. Isaiah Goh says:

    “Be the miracle that you want to see in this world” – God

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